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Hey, we’re now selling down and out of ALL snakes & tips & all-metal stripping guides.  Stock up while we’ve got them.  Once we can’t service complete size runs in any snake variant, we’ll start discounting that format of snake. 

These snakes are crafted from light stainless steel wire, then plated with industrial grade hard chrome. All Light Wire Snakes feature pre-ground feet. Ideal for use on bamboo fly rods, light graphite rods, or anywhere else that light weight and flexibility are requisite attributes.

The various finishes within a given style all hover in the same ballpark sizewise; these are very specific measurements, but they are only a general guideline because there is discernible variety from guide to guide, from batch to batch over the years. Below are measurements taken from one exemplar guide of each size. For each triplet of specs, I’m giving length from toe tip to toe tip, then height from the bottom of the feet to the top of the loop with both measurements rounded to the nearest 0.005″ increment, and finally there is the wire O.D. Worth noting: guides have a little “spring” to them…the length is measured with the least possible compression but loop height is measured with the feet compressed to the lower jaw of my dial caliper, i.e., with the feet flat, as they would be under pressure from a guide wrap.

TiCH Light Wire:

3/0 0.660″ x 0.205″ x 0.020″
2/0 0.695″ x 0.225″ x 0.020″
1/0 0.765″ x 0.265″ x 0.025″
1 0.805″ x 0.290″ x 0.025″
2 0.845″ x 0.305″ x 0.027″
3 0.870″ x 0.380″ x 0.028″
4 0.955″ x 0.395″ x 0.030″

Read our ramble on snakes to learn more!

Pictured left to right: TICH, Chrome, Black

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3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1, 2, 3, 4