Lyon & Coulson Clip-On Guides. Really! 3-Pack



Better Than Press-On Nails!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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From our Lyon & Coulson collection, we present Clip-On Guides.  Really.  These are unusual, so much so that we don’t have any in our mammoth German collection.  Each metal ring is set into a stamped sheet metal frame that has no foot, but it does have two little wings that can be crimped (or opened) so that they’ll snug up where you need a spare guide on the blank.

While these might save a fishing trip, we DO NOT suggest using these guides like Lee Press-On Nails, just for fancy, when crafting your next fine angling instrument.  You don’t want your rod gussied up like an outdated Vegas show girl.  Instead, lift or grind off the ‘wings’ and braze (best) or solder (ok) a sheet metal foot to the bottom of the ring to create shop-made all-metal stripping guides.

Ring: ~9mm OD x 5mm ID.

These are NOS.  We pitched the worst and all the rest range from a barely-oxidized, like new condition, to modestly in need of a soak in that sine qua non brine of the restorationist’s trade, Naval Jelly.  If you don’t know and love Naval Jelly, get you some before it’s illegal to own.  They’ve already shrunk the jars we can buy at our local hardware store.  Next year the jars will be smaller.  Eventually they’ll **poof** out of existence like the cans of Varathane 900 did.

Let’s say they’re worth $5.00 each.  That’s generally our baseline price for any old part we have to hunt down in the bins, bag up, and ship out the door and it barely covers the time or expense involved in handling the part.  We’ll bag these three-up and start them at less than $10.00/bag.  There are probably a dozen bags.