Jewelry Grade Components

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Product Description

We have the ability to add touches of gold and silver to various rod components.

Email us with inquiries about plating with 24K Yellow Gold, which looks particularly good when laid into grooves or incised knurling, and set against a part which is otherwise deeply blued.  We can also make up our wire-bezelled guides, the ones with fluted stone rings, with either 18K Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver; in both gold and silver, we have plain wire or rope wire. While we can leave the guides bright, most rodmakers opt to have the frames blued, allowing the precious metal bezels to stand in bright contrast relative to the dark frame.  Need a hook tender in precious metal?  We can make any of the Golden Witch or Arcane manufactured tenders in gold or silver….imagine a Dickerson Twisted Tender in 0.040″ diameter solid 18K gold rope wire.  Let us know how we can help you create a unique piece of custom rod jewelry!  Give yourself plenty of lead time with these truly custom components as they may take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Made in the USA


Blued and Gold Broad Winding Check

Wire Bezel Stripping Guide – Narrow Stone

Roped Silver Ring and Saddle Hook Tenders

Blue & Gold Ring & Saddle Hook Tenders

The Dickerson-Inspired, Single Twisted Tender (Precious Metal)

The Dickerson-Inspired, Double Twisted Tender (Precious Metal)