Hydro-Welded Guides – Custom Up-Grade Available

Which Guides Are Available With Hydro-Welded™ Frames As An Option?  Find out!


Product Description

Custom Up-Grade Hydro-Welded™ Guide Frames

We are offering some of our Classic Wide guides in Hydro-Welded™ High or Medium Frames…we’ll get the other options rolling in the next few months.  Thanks for your patience as we work to revamp our entire range of guides.


11mm Purple Banded Agate Set In A Hydro-Welded Standard Frame.


10mm Black Onyx Classic Wide Set In A Hydro-Welded Medium Frame.


Visit this page to keep tabs on which of our guides have the new frames available as a optional up-grade.

Classic Wide Stripping Guides

Hexagate™ Stripping Guides

Wire Bezel Stripping Guide – Wide Stone

The rest of these guides don’t quite fit on this page because our second generation Hydro-Welded Frames are the only option, but if you’re looking for other options, it’s nice to see what’s available.

Standard Stone Stripping Guides

Vintage Cradle Frame Stripping Guides

Wire Bezel Stripping Guide – Narrow Stone

The Fresh Cut Agatine Standard Stripping Guides

Oyster Special™ Stripping Guides

Vintage High Frame Stripping Guides

Vintage Medium Frame Stripping Guides

Franken-Stone Hydro-Welded Guides