Herter’s Rod Building Manual – Owner Inked!



C.E. Savage, Jr.’s Personal Copy!

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20th Anniversary Sale.

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One Copy.  This is a fine copy of George  Leonard Herter’s Professional Glass And Split-Bamboo Rod Building Manual And Manufacturer’s Guide.  That’s the longest title of any book in our cottage industry.  It’s worth repeating, though I won’t.  It’s also worth owning.

If you’ve purchased bamboo through Peak Bamboo, you’ll have received a gift pack that contains a set of vintage guides and a taper that we borrowed from Mr. Herter’s collection.  This book is so much fun!  Loads of unusual tapers and other rodmaking info.  Mr. Herter was only a little bit opinionated!

This is a a unique copy, too.  It was owned by the venerable C.E. Savage, Jr., as inked at the top of the cover.  If you don’t know who he is, fret not.  We don’t either.  We do know he had good taste and we’d like to see the other books that were in his collection!

Soft cover (don’t think HC was ever an option).  182 Pages.  1953 Copyright (the second copyright date….it was originally issued in 1949).  This is an exceptionally clean working copy of the book, with minor corner dings, the smidgen of owner ink on the cover, and a cover that marks a book well loved because it is furrowed with soft creases from having been thumbed through.  Savor it like Mr. Savage did.

First editions can run $125.00 or more; second editions tend to fall in the $40-$70 range and this is a good copy.  We’ll call its value at $60.00 and offer it for less.  Just one….grab it!

If you’re ordering this from outside the US, please DO NOT choose the small flat rate box as this book won’t fit.  Email us and we can arrange payment for the book and appropriate shipping through PayPal.