Heavy Duty 18.5mm Agatine Stripping Guide


Heavy Duty Ring & Frame For Your Big Rods!

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Product Description

Recently we stumbled across a bag of heavy duty frames in the German collection.  They were only partially formed, brazed nickel silver frames.  We decided they’d shape up nicely as exceptionally sturdy stripping guide frames.  After a cycle through the forming equipment, these frames were the perfect match for a bag of deep red agatine rings from the same collection.  Were these parts originally destined for each other?  Possibly, but there’s no telling.


We only have a few hundred frame/ring pairs, so these won’t last forever.  On the flip side, they’re big, so the average rodmaker won’t need them.  These guides feature an 18.5mm Brass Bezelled Agatine Ring.  Once ground and polished, each guide frame measures about 2.200″ long from foot tip to foot tip.  After the rings are soldered in place, the finished guides stand about 1.040″ tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the ring.  If you’re making a Spey rod, or a heavy salmon, steelhead, or striper flyrod, then you just might be able to use one of these heavy duty strippers.


Forming the frames and then grinding and polishing feet of this magnitude is, simply, time consuming.  Couple the time with the limited stash of vintage parts, and these are pricey guides.  But they’ll set your rod apart, and that might make purchasing one worth your while.


Like other guides in the vintage series, these feature NOS German parts, but each guide is assembled in the Golden Witch shop.




We sell these bright, with no clear coat.  They will patina quickly.  If you want the bezel and frame to stay bright for a much longer time, we offer a clear coat option on the bright frame, as well as our usual blue & CC or bronze & CC finish options.