Franken-Stone 15.5mm Wide Porcelain Ring In Super Duty Frame – PRODUCTION ON PAUSE



Sturdy Guides For Monster Fish!


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Hi Folks, we are no longer producing this line – for the time being. Once the shop is moved and set up again, I expect to resume production on these and many other of our Golden Witch and Arcane Component Works parts. After an item is listed as ‘Production On Pause,’ please don’t request that we make an exception for you; the tools to make each paused item are already boxed up and ready to move in a shipping container. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we shift from a full-time operation to a semi-retired part-time operation. I expect our sabbatical will last the entirety of 2023, with operations firing up again in early 2024. – Russ


Franken-Stone™ Guide Series – Super Duty Frame!


15.5mm OD Wide Porcelain With Brass Bezel Set In A Super Duty Frame.


These guides feature wide vintage rings already wrapped in brass bezels and each is set into one of our shop-formed Super Duty Frames.  Add one of these guides to your rodmaking stash while you can because we only have a few dozen of these vintage Super Duty Frames.

Each one of these is going to vary slightly, but figure the guide ring is about 15.5mm OD x 9.5mm ID x 7mm Wide.  The guide stands about 1.035″ tall and is about 2.090″ long, foot tip to foot tip.  Also nice, but so subtle: these Super Duty Frames are brazed, so there’s a brassy yellow seam running down the center of each foot…very tough to spot on the domed and reflective top surface, but you can see it clearly on the underside of each foot.  If you opt for transparent wraps, you just might notice the yellow seam matching the yellow bezel if the light strikes the rod perfectly.

On 1/4/21, we have one of these guides made and available for immediate shipment – if you want it bright; if you opt to have it blued, it will go into the line-up for custom products and we’ll have them oxidized, clear coated, and shipped in a few weeks. 

Pike or Muskie?  Yes!  Walleye?  Sure!  Lunker Lake Trout?  If you can summon one from the depths….

Imagine a long, heavy Dickerson rod outfitted with one of these guides, and you’re casting a deer-hair frog or mouse to a Tiger Muskie, its predatory eyes just above the lake’s surface and peering across the tangle of lily pads, half-rotted leaves, and duckweed.  The line sings.  As you intended, the frog lands on a broad green leave, shuddering the water sufficiently to catch the predator’s attention before you tug the shaggy amphibian into the water for a short swim.  There’s the wake, and then the SMACK!  And the fight is on.



This guide features a yellow brass bezel, but it can be hard to see that in the photo.  The unpolished vintage ring next to the guide shows the brass – and 70 years of patina – more clearly.


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