Franken-Stone 10mm Wide Porcelain Ring With Heavy NS Bezel


S.O.S.  – Silver Oyster Specials!


Guide Finish * 

Choose “Natural/Bright” for a polished guide that will patina over time; choose “Blued & CC” for a dark oxide finish with clear coat.

Product Description

Franken-Stone™ Guide Series – Set In Hydro-Welded™ Frames!


10mm OD Wide Porcelain With Heavy Nickel Silver Bezel In A Hydro-Welded™ Frame


These guides feature wide vintage rings already wrapped in heavy, vintage nickel silver bezels and each is set into one of our shop-made Hydro-Welded™ Frames. Add one of these guides to your rodmaking stash while you can because we have less than a hundred of these pre-bezelled vintage rings.

Each one of these is going to vary slightly, but figure the guide ring is about 10mm OD x 4.5mm ID x 5mm Wide.  The guide stands about 0.625″ tall and is about 1.165″ long, foot tip to foot tip.

On 1/4/21, we have ten of these guides made and available for immediate shipment – if you want them bright; if you opt to have them blued, they’ll go into the line-up for custom products and we’ll have them oxidized, clear coated, and shipped in a few weeks. 

Trout?  Yes!  Bass?  Yes!  Panfish? Sure, why not?



This guide (in the foreground) features a ‘white’ nickel silver bezel and the guide in the background, a 10mm Oyster Special, features a highly polished brass bezel.  Perhaps we should have called these our Silver Oyster Specials.  S.O.S.  Save One For Yourself!  NOTE: If you use and enjoy the regular Oyster Specials, these are NOT the same rings in different bezels; while similar, these have a smaller bore by about one millimeter.  Look carefully at the photo and you’ll see the difference.

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