Ferrule Lapping Files


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We have selected these Grobet Swiss files to aid the rodmaker in his or her craft. Many rodmakers balked at the expense of these precision files in the last catalog, but after purchasing a set, called to thank us for suggesting them. They turn a thirty minute (and sometimes iffy procedure) into a quick three to five minute job with consistently successful results. Use the #6 cut to fit the male slides to size. Work in increments of two to three light passes across the male slide, then test fit – you can’t add metal once it’s gone! Then take one or two passes with the #8 cut to smooth the fit. For final polishing, use our Micro-abrasive Paper Set. Lapping files should be used with a lathe, but can be used by hand. Ours come standard with a hardwood handle because lathes and an unhandled file are a very dangerous combination.

In the comparison shot, the relatively coarse #6 Cut is on top, and you can clearly see the texture of the file; the #8 Cut is on the bottom and it looks and feels like steel velvet, almost indiscernible, but oh so effective.

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#6 Fine, 1/4", #6 Fine, 1/2", #6 Fine, 3/4", #8 X-Fine, 1/2", File Pair (1/2” in #6 & #8 Cut)