Ferr-L-Tite Cement – FINAL INVENTORY



Product Description


8/28/22: Exactly 12 sticks remain.


It’s the hot-melt stick cement used by generations of rodmakers for sticking ferrules where they should be stuck. Ideal for restoration work, and some makers prefer it for new construction, too. This stuff has high tensile strength, and it produces a tough, elastic, waterproof bond. Unlike epoxy, this can easily be removed at a later date if you need to change fittings. Don’t confuse this specialty rodmaking adhesive with the brittle adhesive that accompanies a hot-melt glue gun; the latter won’t stand up to the stress of casting. Ferr-L-Tite Cement belongs in everyone’s travel repair kit. Use it to re-stick ferrules, tip tops, & reel seats. Ferr-L-Tite Cement is the duct tape of the angling profession. Get some.


Oh, look at that. Easter Eggs. Since you were kind enough to read to the bottom of this page, here’s an Easter Egg for you. If you place an order for more than three whole sets, or four half sets, of ferrules – and the order must be exclusive of time consuming custom items or upgrades like bluing services – please request “Easter Egg #2” in the comments section on your order form. Imagine you buy a handful of ferule sets and rod wrapping silks, which are quick for me to pick and pack – and now, as a thank you, you can claim an Easter Egg. Easter Egg #2 is a free stick of Ferr-L-Tite Cement.  Limit of one Easter Egg request per order unless I change the rules later, and your order must meet the minimum requirements for the Easter Egg you are requesting. And, to be brutally clear: YOU must request a specific Easter Egg in the comments on your order form, or no one here, which is mostly me, will know you discovered the good egg. As this final year moves on, I’ll add other Easter Eggs around the GW website. Maybe I’ll go add another one right now, tucking it where you least expect it, yet can best use it. Good time to start your hunt! Easter Egg #1 ends when the associated oddball products are gone. There are about a hundred of them.  Easter Egg #2 is not high value, just nice, so you may add Easter Egg #2 to any other Easter Egg your order may qualify for – if it also qualifies for Easter Egg #2.

If I run out of Easter Egg #2, I’ll tuck in something of comparable value with qualifying orders.  My choice on this sort of thing.  Please don’t be fussy about free stuff.  Thanks!