Epoxy Mixing Spatulas




Heavy-duty, stainless steel, “lab-ware” quality spatulas.

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Product Description

FINAL INVENTORY!  Since we’re getting rid of most adhesives and our wooden mixing sticks, these should go, too. 

We found some new epoxy mixing spatulas.  These are heavy-duty, stainless steel, “labware” quality spatulas.  The Deluxe Epoxy Mixing Spatula is 9” long and clearly was designed by a paddler…the square end looks for all the world like a bent shaft canoe paddle blade, while the spoon end resembles a compact, scooped kayak paddle blade.  The Standard Epoxy Mixing Spatula is 7” long and features a square end and a curved end, both in line with the axis of the handle.  Affordable, functional, and re-useable so long as you remember to clean off the epoxy.  The Deluxe Spatula is also functional and re-useable, if not quite so affordable.  We suggest a fifty/fifty mix of isopropyl alcohol and dish soap for clean-up.  If you want to try both tools, we offer the pair at a slight discount.

Don’t let the name fool you, these tools work well for mixing up a slurry of Earth Pigment and wood workers glue when you need tinted glue lines within your cork grips!

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