Product Description


Hello there!  You’ve discovered the beginnings of an Easter Egg Hunt.  There are at least half a dozen Easter Eggs hidden around the GW website.  There will be more.  I’ll probably add one or two per week until there are a dozen, or even more.  Find an egg.  If you place a qualifying order, you may request that we add that Easter Egg to your order.  Fun stuff.  It’s a way for us to encourage you to nose around the website as more and more Final Clearance deals and unique items are posted.  If you help us to de-inventory, we’ll help you to expand your collection and, perhaps, add to the realm of the possible in ways you hadn’t expected.  If there was an Easter Egg that happened to land you a massive agatine coarse rod guide – would you keep that guide shelved just because it’s a pretty piece of angling history, or would you set about researching traditional coarse fishing and then build a monster-sized split cane rod to aid in your chase of the elusive mudwater bonefish?  Would a tidbit geared toward protecting the lightest of single-piece fly or spin rods nudge you to craft one?  What good eggs are lurking, as yet undiscovered, on this site?  Begin your hunt.

The Easter Egg Hunt Ends When I Retire Or When The Company Is Sold.  Get Cracking!



Hint: Most Easter Eggs are hidden toward the bottom of the pages where they’re to be found.  They’re less like to fall from a great height – Humpty Dumpty Style – and crack of their own accord, if we situate them low from the outset.  Sometimes, just to confuse anyone staring too intently at the page-bottoms, we’ve set an egg near the top of a page.