Gripping Pigments of the Earth


Add Visual Spice To Your Grips!

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Even as we shift into retirement (or, really, semi-retirement), Gripping Pigments will remain part of our inventory. 

I hesitate to say this, but it’s possible that if you’re not tinting the adhesive you use to assemble cork ring cylinders for grip turning, you may not be one of the cool kids.  This stuff is so easy to use (albeit messy if you spill the powdered pigment anywhere except in your glue mixing cup), that there’s no reason not to if you enjoy adding extremely subtle, yet discernible, details to your work.  Think of the thickness of a single glue line if you properly clamp your ring cylinders after applying the glue.  The thickness of a hair is a broad reach by comparison.  Add color to that otherwise invisible seam and by its lonesome, you might wonder if you have…yet add color to a dozen seams and the grip will resonate with that hint of extra color.  If you want tinted grips to be bold, you’ll need to re-saw your rings into 1/8″ thick rings – or wafer-thin 1/16″ thick rings – and stack up dozens, with dozens of glue lines betwixt them, in a single grip.

Match the grip tint to, say, your tipping color and you help to tie the rod together.  Or aim for the stripper, pairing up Vagone Green with a Moss Agate ring.  Mars Black (actually a faintly dark brown-black) ties in perfectly with Black Onyx rings (which, themselves, look black unless you peer through the rings with a high intensity light, at which point many reveal themselves to be the darkest shade of brown).  The various red pigments align with so many of the ROY (Red/Orange/Yellow) Agates, or Bull’s Blood stones.  More colors are on the way, so check back through-out 2021 and beyond as we expand our range of Pigments Of The Earth to match up with a renewed interest in this age-old aesthetic addendum.


Pour approximately ¾ ounce of your favorite wood glue into one of our clear mixing cups. That’ll make it darned near full. Then, if you stir carefully, you can get 1 TSP of  Earth Pigment tint in without making a dreadful mess. For the arcane, ¾ Fl. Oz. is equivalent to 6 Drams.   The Earth Pigments are now served in plastic bags; approximately 2 oz. per bag.


Imported from around the world.





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Dark Brown Iron Oxide, Red Iron Oxide, Mars Black, Raw Sienna, Light Brown Iron Oxide, Vagone Green.