Early Snake Brand Tips – 70+



EARLY Snake Brand Tips!

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20th Anniversary Sale.

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This is a single lot that contains more than 70 early (vintage?) Snake Brand tiptops.  Various sizes are included.  There are bags marked at 3.5, 4.0, & 4.5 (ten to twelve tips per bag), plus an assortment of loose tips.  Most appear to be black nickel; a few appear to be bronze.

The main product image should give you some sense for what’s going on here…I’m clearing out my personal stash of restoration components.  There will be many one-and-done component opportunities over the next year.

If you make smaller rods, this is an incomparable collection of beautiful tips.  They’d be a bargain at $5.00 each, but we’re starting this lot 20% lower, making this one of the best early deals of our 20th Anniversary Sale.

Good luck!