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Early formula, Alchemist Amber Varnish!

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20th Anniversary Sale.

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Just one bottle.  This is a large bottle (approximately 60ml) of classic Alchemist Amber Varnish (Linseed Clear) which was made when Donald Fels was still operating out of Virginia.  He’s in Europe now.

This jar has been in the shop for ages, but the stuff doesn’t go bad because it contains no cobalt driers. NOS.

Don’t buy this unless you’re willing to put in the effort to finish with the equivalent of angels’ tears.  This link will give you some insight: Transparent & Translucent Ramble.

From Donald’s site, “A specially formulated, high concentration of dissolved amber resin in linseed oil for use as a general painting medium.  Especially designed for mixing with light colored pigments or tube paints.
When dry, amber varnish is impervious to common solvents, preserving the colors under a hard yet flexible lustrous surface. Colors applied with amber medium require no finishing varnish since they are encased in a resinous protection. There is no greater insurance of permanence than with the use of amber varnish, as attested to by the works of the Old Masters we so enjoy which are as vivid today as when they were first created.  Artists using this medium will be able to reproduce in their paintings the transparency and depth found in the paintings of the Renaissance and Baroque era.  Alchemist Amber Varnish contains no driers, is solvent free and is all natural.”


Get this bottle from our collection for quite a bit less than retail.  Use it sparingly.

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