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Drill holes for pinning wire & more. Our 0.039” drill bits (3 per set) accommodate 0.040 pinning wire with the snug fit you require in order to prevent unsightly gaps and thus create seamless, invisible pins.
DS-039 Drill Set $8.95

Note 5/29/19 – Sorry for the price jump on this one folks.  We’ve been selling through a large batch bought years ago and when we re-stocked we were shocked at the new price per bit.  It is what it is.  If you loathe inflation as much as I do, tell your congress critters that we need to get back onto a precious metals standard.  They’ll ignore you while ensuring they and their ilk receive a COLA raise each year.


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#6 Fine, 1/4", #6 Fine, 1/2", #6 Fine, 3/4", #8 X-Fine, 1/2"