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NOTE: Our large 60-Degree Custom Contact Points are back in stock as of 5/27/21.  Grab a few while we have them.

NOTE: Most of these items are out of stock.  Permanently.  We have Spring Savers left if you need a spare.  We also have our FINAL INVENTORY of the large Custom Contact Points.  These points are now on sale and will not be made again.  As I type this, there are about 50 points left.  Grab some.



We worked closely with Daryll Whitehead to create these Depth Gauge Bases and Seat/Standard Tools [SST]. They have no equal. Period. The brass Depth Gauge Base, suitable for use with any quality dial indicator with a 1” travel, is “cane specific” in every way. It is heavy, despite its small size. By keeping it to a mere 1 1/2” diameter, it will not overlap the edges of your planing forms, allowing you to set the forms more easily. As the brass base is squat, the low center of gravity means you’re less likely to knock it off your forms – and it’s usually concrete garage or basement floors that destroy depth gauges. Two rows of v-grooves and a band of diamond knurling give you a sure grasp when moving the gauge – they don’t look too shabby either. Being crafted of a relatively soft metal ensures that the Depth Gauge Base will not mar the carefully honed surface of your forms. The Seat/ Standard Tool has been designed explicitly for our Depth Gauge Base. This tool serves double duty. First, when not using the depth gauge to set your forms, the SST houses and protects the more expensive tool comprised of the Depth Gauge Base, dial indicator, & contact point. With our unique Spring Saver (hats off to both G. Lee who suggested it first and to T. Abbott who suggested it independently and produced samples) you can relieve pressure on the dial indicator’s spring, prolonging its useful life. Secondly, the SST is used as a standard to properly calibrate your depth gauge – this is a must because you unconditionally cannot calibrate a depth gauge by zeroing out on a flat surface. You should use our large diameter, 60° Custom Contact Points with the SST. Everything in this tool group has been designed to work in harmony. The SST is milled from a heavy chunk of solid stainlesssteel and will anchor itself to your benchtop by sheer force of gravity. We also offer a complete, calibrated depth gauge package that includes a Depth Gauge Base, Seat/Standard Tool, Mitutoyo 2904F Dial Indicator, two Custom Contact Points, and a Spring Saver.

Please note: you can use most quality dial indicators with a 1” throw together with our brass Depth Gauge Base and stainless Seat/Standard Tool, but the instructions are based on a “backwards” reading indicator, like the Mitutoyo 2904F, and can be confusing if you attempt to follow them while using a “forward” reading indicator. The SST only works in conjunction with our brass Depth Gauge Base and our fat 60° Custom Contact Points, i.e. the system (#DGP) is a much more powerful tool than the parts which comprise it, not to mention being less expensive.

The SST, DGB, Custom Contact Points, and Spring Savers are:

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Brass Depth Gauge Base, Stainless Seat/Standard Tool, Mitutoyo 2904F Dial Indicator, 60° Custom Contact Point, Spring Saver, Depth Gauge Package