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Choose Our Original First Generation Frames At No Added Charge, Or Up-Grade To Our New, Second Generation, Hydro-Welded Frames…Either Our High Frame Or Our Medium Frame.

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The ACW Classic Wide Series: Mint nickel silver bezels snugged around rock rings freshly cut, yet with a broader design harking back to the era of our angling forebears.  These bold, throw-back stones will elevate your rodmaking, imparting confidence to you and your clients, ensuring more fish are caught – and released!  The photo gallery shows guides crafted with both our first generation frames and our new Hydro-Welded frames…the latter are easy to discern as they have a more sharply pinched apex at the tip of each wing on the frame.

Now you can up-grade to our new Hydro-Welded™ Frames.  Choose either the High Frame or the Medium Frame.  Eventually we’ll have Cradle & Low Frame options, too.

Please be careful when ordering.  If you opt to up-grade to a Hydro-Welded™ High or Medium Frame, you must also pick the corresponding Frame style.  This is goofy and will end once we have all four frame styles available in the H-W format.  If you opt for, say, a Low Frame style and a Hydro-Welded™ High Frame type….you’ll get the more expensive H-W High Frame because that’s what the webstore will bill you for.  As of October, 2020 when this up-date is being posted, we DO NOT have Hydro-Welded™ Cradle or Low Frames in production.  We’ll alter this page as soon as we do.  Thanks for understanding.


10mm Black Onyx Classic Wide Set In A Hydro-Welded Medium Frame.


Here’s A 10mm Natural Agate (Leans Red) Set Into A Hydro-Welded Medium Frame That Has Been Blued and Clear Coated.


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Learn more about how we make our Hydro-Welded™ Frames!


10mm White Jade Classic Wide Set In A Hydro-Welded Medium Frame.


Click here for a ramble on our first generation stripping guide frame styles!

Made in the USA

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9mm, 10mm, 11mm


Black Onyx, Blue Agate, Bull's Blood, Moss Agate – Dark, Moss Agate – Light, Okapi Agate, ROY Agate Banded (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Red), ROY Agate Banded (Leans Yellow), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Orange), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Red), ROY Agate Natural (Leans Yellow), White Jade

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Made in USA


Cradle, High, Medium, Low