Brownells Oxpho Blue – FINAL INVENTORY




Product Description


Ox-Faux Blue??  Not hardly.  We’re still selling the real deal.  Please do not be afraid when the jar that arrives at your door looks different from the bottle pictured above.  Brownells has gone many many months with a supply problem that is effecting their smaller bottles of Oxpho-Blue.  After speaking with a representative from the company, they suggested that if we bought their industrial-sized quantities and repackaged it ourselves, that this wouldn’t amount to much of a faux pas, in marketing terms, and it would get the stuff back where it belongs: in your hands.  Curiously, or not so curiously, I also had trouble buying plastic bottles of the correct size that were assured of standing up to the oxidizer inside.  In the end, I opted for glass bottles intended for chemical storage.  We’ll wrap the bottles well with bubble wrap and we’ll ship only so long as we don’t have any troubles with our work-around solution.  Expect glass.  Expect a narrow neck, so you’ll want to pick up a small beaker or Pyrex dish for your bluing practices.  Expect no label, not that the label ever told you how to use this steel-intended product on nickel silver, which is how most rodmakers use the stuff.  Experiment carefully.  And click that link further down the page, the one that takes you to the ramble on bluing.  Harmful or Fatal if swallowed; no skin contact.  All the stuff you should already know because life is dangerous, and ultimately fatal no matter how carefully you proceed.

NO International Shipping.  No Shipping To AK, HI, Etc.  Ask Before You Order.  Thanks!

The new price reflects the time it takes me to carefully bottle the stuff, plus the cost of ordering in high quality bottles on top of the solution itself.  You’re still getting four fluid ounces.


A steel blue used for bluing home-made snake guides. It’s also used by many rodmakers and two major component firms for bluing nickel silver components. This is our favorite solution, though we’ll be the first to admit that its use requires immense cleanliness, practice, and good timing. Learning how to apply Oxpho-Blue successfully is well worth the time you’ll invest.

In most cases you’ll want to clear coat your blued parts with a lacquer finish. Alternately, depending on the use the part will see, you can oil the part, just as you would a fine knife or firearm. Some fellows prefer to oil a blued reel seat on a rod that will see lots of use….it’s easy to remove the oil, re-touch the bluing at season’s end, and re-oil. Just bear in mind that you should never oil any parts until after the rod is completely assembled and ready for use.

Oxpho-Blue is a wonderful solution for identifying otherwise perfectly hidden pins in pinned ferrules. Imagine that you’re about to restore a classic rod. You’re not sure if it was pinned by the original maker. Not a problem…blue the ferrule by applying Oxpho with a cotton swab and watch the surface as you spin the rod section in your hand. The pins will blue at a different rate than the rest of the ferrule, so you’ll be able to spot them easily.

Read more about bluing & bronzing using Oxpho-Blue in our ramble “Bluing, Bronzing, & Clear Coating.”