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SOLD OUT.  This is a good time to hunt for other Final Inventory items before you miss out on them.


FINAL INVENTORY!  Wonderful tool, and it’s underappreciated among rodmakers.  Try one at discount.


The bridled glue brush is the pro’s choice for gluing splines of cane. The bristles, long relative to toothbrush bristles, hold more adhesive to help ensure complete coverage. Clean & re-use again & again. When the bristles wear down over time, trim the ragged ends and remove the bridle—twice the useful life in a single glue brush.


If you want to know more about adhesives for bamboo blanks – and why we don’t sell sell adhesives for blank making despite being so enmeshed in the rodmaking craft – check the Ramble on the subject.

Bamboo Blank Adhesives

After glue-up, once the rod sections are bound, you’ll want to roll them flat with our Bamboo Roller.  There are some tips on the Bamboo Roller page, so be sure to read through that page.

Bamboo Roller