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Hi Folks, we are no longer producing this line – for the time being. Once the shop is moved and set up again, I expect to resume production on these and many other of our Golden Witch and Arcane Component Works parts. After an item is listed as ‘Production On Pause,’ please don’t request that we make an exception for you; the tools to make each paused item are already boxed up and ready to move in a shipping container. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we shift from a full-time operation to a semi-retired part-time operation. I expect our sabbatical will last the entirety of 2023, with operations firing up again in early 2024. – Russ


June 2020…print enough dollar bills and precious metals will rise in price as more dollars chase a fundamentally limited supply of physical metal.  Prices are rising to reflect the fact that we had to purchase more gold while it’s dancing around $1800/0z.

We’ve been selling blue and gold ring & saddle tenders for years.  It was time to kick them up a notch!  Now each blue and gold tender features our “Improved Saddles” which will be available with other ring options in the near future.  No longer are the finest ring and saddle tenders in our stable relying on flat strapping material.  These saddles are  painstakingly formed from half-round wire using equipment designed to prevent marring the delicate domed surface.  The feet are trimmed to length, flattened, then formed with your choice of standard or angled toes.  The leading edges are ground, then hand-sanded before being polished, blued, and clear coated.  You’ll wrap them with ease.  The rings are made from solid 18K gold, so it’s not a plating that can wear off!  Each ring is neatly formed into a contiguous loop.

Here’s an un-blued nickel silver Improved Saddle:

This picture demonstrates how perfectly polished the parts are prior to blueing, giving you a sense for how easy it is to wrap finely made hook tenders.  No matter which toe style you select, they’re neatly ramped and well polished – not just for the glossy finish, but also to soften all the edges of each foot – to make working with your finest silks an easy task.

When you want tradition and high class, climb up into an Improved Saddle!

We don’t have pics up yet, but we can now craft the Improved Saddle tenders in precious silver if you want the saddle to stay bright and match the jewelry quality of the precious gold ring.  Yes, the silver saddles look the same as the nickel silver saddles, however they’re easy to tell apart…dip the toe of a bright nickel silver saddle into Oxpho-Blue and within 12-20 seconds, it will be dark; dip the toe of an Argentium silver saddle into the same solution for the same length of time, and it will still be bright.  We utilize the differential oxidation results with our jewelry grade guides because it allows us to dunk a guide with a nickel silver frame and a silver bezel and wind up with a bright bezel set against a dark frame.

Black Onyx Ring With A Roped Sterling Silver Bezel Set In A Blued Nickel Silver Frame.

Made in the USA