Cotton Glace Binding Threads


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Both sizes are out of stock as of 3/18/21.  We’ll hunt for more.


Note: Glace is increasingly difficult to source.  We were able to get a few cases after a four month delay and we have inventory again as of 7/25/20.  My advice,  and this is a relatively inexpensive product so I’m not retiring on your binding thread purchases, is ‘Stock Up Now.’  Figure out how much you use per year, how many years you’ll continue making rods, multiply it out and buy for your future use now.  In most cases, that probably means ordering two or three spools in stead of one spool.  No need to go overboard, but build yourself a little buffer and don’t count on your suppliers to always have hard-to-source materials on hand.  GW, and I’d wager any firm the size of GW in this niche industry, simply doesn’t have the financial clout to get a manufacturer off their duff – we basically ride the coattails of large industrial firms – furniture makers and the like in the instance of Glace, and when they place a huge order, we are able to get the overage if we have a standing order.



Medium Glace (12/3); approximately 3600 yards/spool. $36.95/1 lb. spool

Light Glace (16/3); approximately 4800 yards/spool. $35.95/1 lb. spool

Bamboo rodmakers, this is the stuff you’ll want to use to bind your rod sections as they move through your glue binder. We suggest the Light Glace for tips; the Medium is perfect for mids and butts. If you’re only going to get one spool to start, start with the Medium because it’s a bit easier to use.


Made in the USA

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Light Glace, Medium Glace