Bamboo Roller


The Bamboo Roller helps straighten blanks before the adhesive cures!

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Product Description

The Bamboo Roller is a fabulous little tool that was introduced to us by Merv Groff, one of the fellows who worked for Golden Witch when we were making rods commercially.  This tool is featured in our DVD “Making Bamboo Blanks.”  Usage is simple, and effective.  After glue-up, while the bamboo rod sections are fresh out of the glue binder and a bit noodlely, you lay the section on a sturdy, flat surface such as a butcher block maple benchtop, and you roll down each flat of the rod section in turn.  This helps the individual triangles of cane nest together perfectly and it goes a long way toward working out any odd kinks and bows in the rod section before it is allowed to cure.

Each roller features a synthetic head that won’t swell, warp, or split like the old wooden ones did if you weren’t careful.  Rinse the tool in hot water (Resorcinol or Urea Formaldehyde) or  a mix of alcohol and dishsoap (Epoxy), to get the tool cleaned up after a gluing session.  If you take care of this Bamboo Roller, you’ll only ever need one.

The Bamboo Roller pays for itself with the first rod you make, simply in terms of the time you’ll save after the glue cures and you don’t spend as many hours carefully straightening the blank sections.  It’s not a miracle cure, but it does help considerably.