Peak Bamboo by the Bale (10x 12′ Whole Freighted Culms)


Graded Bamboo, baled and freighted.
10 Sticks, 12′ Long.


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Product Description

These are not your standard “Roll the Dice” or “Treasure Hunt” bamboo bales, as we like to call them; culms in these bales are picked from our graded bins, re-baled as 12′ culms and shipped to you via freight service.  No Drying splits are imparted and we do not package this bamboo in the same manner we do when you buy from us by the culm.  What you can expect is….

Bale Choices:

  • 10x A- Grade culms (great for flaming) 50-70mm butt diameter, 12’ long, no drying splits.
  • 10x A Grade culms, 50-70mm butt diameter, 12’ long, no drying splits.
  • 10x A+ Grade culms, 50-70mm butt diameter, 12’ long, no drying splits.
  • Mixed A- & A bundle, as above, 5 of each
  • Mixed A & A+ bundle, as above, 5 of each

 Standard Diameter on Peak Bamboo Culms is 50-70mm across grades.

When you order Peak A+ Culms, you can expect:

  • None finer! Very few blemishes of the sort detailed here
  • Generally larger diameter and heavy weight (denser power fibers); some skinnier culms, but these are otherwise exceptional
  • The ability to easily craft blonde rods
  • A greater possibility of crafting two rods from a single culm because fewer strips are wasted (which goes back to the first point: there are few blemishes to dodge)

 When you order Peak A Culms, you can expect:

  • Far fewer blemishes (detailed here) than an A- culm
  • Large to middle diameters with very good to excellent power fiber depth
  • Usually the ability to craft blonde rods, though some aesthetic flaws (e.g., watermarks) may be present in the finished product
  • Impressive rodmaking material (though not as good as A+); physical and visual flaws will be present, but can often be dodged.

 When you order Peak A- Culms, you can expect:

  • Ideal material for flamed or fumed rods where you can mask some of the visual flaws with darker blank colors
  • Many large to middle diameter culms with very good power fibers; some skinnier culms; some with kinks/bows
  • There will may be physical defects to work around and visual defects to embrace or mask
  • Suitable rodmaking material – structurally sound, but with blemishes (detailed here).  For novices, budget rodmaking, or for those who prefer dark blanks

Read everything you need to know about Peak Bamboo at, then return here to order. You’ll learn things like:

  • What is the bamboo graded on?
  • Who’s doing the grading?
  • Why you should buy Peak Bamboo, as opposed to other brands

Important Details:

  • Shipping will be billed separately.
  • Or, you can pick up at our warehouse, which is the best way to secure 12′ sticks and to protect your investment from The Shipping Monster.  We offer Open Warehouse Saturdays approximately once per month.

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Grade A+ Bale, Grade A Bale, Grade A- Bale, Mixed Grade A+ & A Bale, Mixed Grade A & A- Bale