Agate Burnishers – FINAL INVENTORY




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NOTE: The sale prices are so low that we dropped the Three-Pack option (it was more expensive than buying all three of these burnishers at sale price).



Taking our cue from gilding burnishers used for applying gold-leaf to frames, we have added these agate-tipped burnishes to our product line. The functional tip of each burnisher is made from diamond-polished, natural agate.  If you hold the burnisher up to the light, you can see variations of color & shade throughout the stone.  The agate is smooth – perfect for rubbing the flaws out of silk wraps and eliminating minor gaps. The three designs provide a variety of polishing surfaces sure to suit your needs. A word of acknowledgment regarding the bamboo handled burnishers: we know that the workmanship on these is, said politely, poor, even ugly. However, the agate tips are as smooth or smoother than the agates in the fancy burnishers we discontinued, so functionally these tools are just fine. They’re also far more affordable that the tools we previously offered, so you won’t cringe if you drop this burnisher on your shop floor. We anticipate that more rodmakers will use and appreciate agate burnishers, especially when working with silks, if the tools are less expensive. Enjoy…just look the other way while you’re burnishing your rod.

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Knife tip, Ball tip, Sword Tip, Three Pack