A+ Grade Tonkin Bamboo 10-Pack


Grown In China.
Imported by Peak Bamboo.

The best bamboo available.

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I understand that bamboo shipping charges will be billed separately, after cutting, packaging and weighing. (Currently about 10 business days)

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Product Description


Grown In China.
Imported by Peak Bamboo.
We do not believe that you will find finer bamboo anywhere in the world than our A+ Graded Bamboo. (The pictures don’t do it justice, but read the testimonials to fully understand what you’re ordering). THIS IS A TEN-CULM PACK.


“Russ, Just wanted to let you know that the [A+] stick arrived late yesterday. This is by far the finest piece I have ever had to work with. It would be sinful to even think about flaming this so I’ll be making a natural blond rod. Also thanks for the little package of coupons and Peak items.  I’ll be making a Paul Young Para 15 8′ 5 wt from this stick.  Thanks,  BJ  W. – USA”


Read everything you need to know about Peak Bamboo at PeakBamboo.com, then return here to order. You’ll learn things like:

  • What is the bamboo graded on?
  • Who’s doing the grading?
  • Why you should buy Peak Bamboo, as opposed to other brands
  • How much do we keep on hand? and how much should you keep on hand?

Important Details:

  • Shipping of all bamboo is on a custom, per-order basis and will be billed separately, after we cut, package, and weigh it. This currently takes 10 business days due to our backlog. PLEASE BE PATIENT.
  • Need FAT culms? These are rare, but may be available at a premium.  EMAIL US FOR DETAILS.

Looking for A or A- Bamboo?

Looking for a Sampler? or a Beginner Pack?

RE Drying Splits:

Culms WITHOUT A Drying Split may travel better, but may also develop entirely random check splits due to temperature and humidity variations; Culms WITH A Drying Split will have, obviously, the drying split and they will also have a hinge split opposite the drying split…these culms are more compressible and may develop additional “handling” splits especially at the ends of culms, but they are less likely to develop random splits. It really is six of one, half a dozen of the other. Pick your poison.  Or travel to pick them up yourself, which is the best way to secure 12′ sticks and to protect your investment.  We offer Open Warehouse Saturdays approximately once per month.

RE Length, we have two options:

  • 12′ cut into halves (Approx. 71” after sawing; clearly marked and bundled)
  • 12′ cut into thirds (Approx.. 47” after sawing; clearly marked and bundled)


ROUGH U.S. Shipping Estimates:  These are just ballpark estimates and you’ll note that the shipping drops dramatically as you move from one to six culms.  A single culm is running $75-$80 to most Continental US locations, but it’s the box length and ‘dimensional weight’ that drive up the initial shipping cost.  Two culms would be in the range of $85 -$95.00.  By six culms you’re looking at $120-$130, or just over $20.00/culm for shipping.  At ten culms it drops to about $18.00/culm; at 24 culms you’re looking at $16.00 or less per culm to most locations in the Continental US.  Individual culm weight does come into play, and the average A+ stick weighs more than the average A- stick, so ten of one grade vs. ten of another grade would have modestly different shipping costs to the same location.