3M® Micro-Polishing Papers


Unsurpassed for polishing male slides during the fitting process.

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Product Description

Unsurpassed for polishing male slides during the fitting process. You can also use these papers to fit our Finial Capped Ferrule Plugs to your female ferrules. As another use, the green polishing paper can be used between dip finishing coats to remove small drips and sags in the finish, while the light blue paper can be used after the final coat to more slowly achieve a similar goal without harming the finish … you’ll still need to buff with a rottenstone slurry and then bring back the luster, if that’s your taste, with a wax or other polish.

Also, if you want to create your own Blue-Line hardware, you need these papers. First, find components with incised grooves…Broad Winding Checks, Finial Capped Ferrule Plugs, many of our reel seats, etc. Polish the part…make a small mandrel to hold the part (for seats or checks) in your lathe; carefully spin the part through the three grades of polishing paper to achieve a high polish. Lathe safety is entirely your responsibility! Rinse & dry, then blue the part. After the blue is deep and dry, re-chuck the part in your lathe and use the medium & fine (gray & blue) papers backed with something stiff – a popsicle stick, or cardboard/posterboard – then re-polish…the medium grit quickly removes the oxidized surface from the bulk of the component; the fine paper brings back the high polish. Because the papers are backed, they should not descend into the incised grooves, or the recesses of knurled areas, which leaves those depths deeply blued. Rinse & dry the part carefully, then clear coat the part to protect the contrasting, two-tone finish.

Three sheets each (coarse, medium, & fine) per set; all are exceptionally fine.