16.5mm Porcelain Stirrup Tiptop


16.5mm Porcelain Stirrup Tiptop.  Sold individually.

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Product Description

Vintage Porcelain Tiptops are wonderful for adding a touch of authentic angling history to the next rod you make.  And they’re even better if you’re restoring a rod and can put one of these NOS (New, Old Stock) components to proper use fulfilling a role for which they were originally intended.

These Pre-WWII, German-made stirrup tiptops are crafted with white porcelain rings and brass or nickel silver frames, plated in bright chrome.   The tip ring has an O.D. of about 16.5mm and an I.D. of about 8mm, with a width of about 6mm.  These tips are about 2.380″ long; the tube alone measures about 1.675″ long and has a mouth opening of about 0.405″.  You’ll get used to this notation on the vintage parts pages.  We use the term “about” because we’re measuring one sample out of a bin of comparable parts.  They’re all close enough to be in the same bin, but in some cases they were produced over a period of years and they are not identical.

Approximately half of these tiptops have a small “Made In Germany” tag on them; we will supply these with the early orders.

Product number VPST-165-TF-WP-BC.  This stands for Vintage Porcelain Stirrup Tiptop – 16.5mm OD – Tube Frame –White Porcelain-Bright Chrome Finish.  Sort of makes sense, and it helps us to begin wrapping our heads around all these parts.

Sold Individually.  Limited Supply.  Limited Supply indicates that there were fewer than 100 specimens in the bin when we posted the product and once they’re sold out, they’re gone forever unless we can locate another collection.

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