12% Nickel Silver Bar Stock – FINAL INVENTORY




Raw 12% Nickel Silver Bar Stock

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SOLD OUT – You missed this great opportunity, but please cruise the site for other deals and final inventory items!



Lots of folks have been grabbing this cheap, so there’s not much left.  Get it now if you want to turn your own ferrule plugs, winding checks, and so forth!


This round bar stock is comprised entirely of 12% Nickel Silver, also known as German Silver.  Please note: this material is an alloy related to white brass and contains no silver.  The pieces we sell are “bar ends” from our machining and they typically range from 5″ – 7″ long; sometimes an individual piece is a full 12″ long.  We sell this bar stock in 12″ increments, which typically means you’ll receive two pieces, sometimes three, that are at least 12″ in total length per increment that you purchase of a specific diameter; it’s not unusual for us to ship anywhere from 12″-15″ per nominal 12″ increment that you purchase.

What can you do with raw nickel silver?  You can make ferrule plugs, winding checks, ferrules, and reel seats, among other things.

As general FYI, bar stock inventory goes up and down based on our machining needs.  Usually the smaller diameters are in stock because we run lots of small parts; rarely, the large ones are in stock – we only run seats once or twice a year.  We’ll try to keep the various bar diameters “in” or “out” of stock on the website accurately, but there may be times when a few orders in quick succession will catch us out of stock, despite them being available for purchase on the site, in which case we’ll make a prompt refund and offer our apology.  If you do see large diameter material in stock, grab it while you can because it’ll disappear quickly.

At any given moment, we may offer 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″ (not pictured), 3/4″, or 7/8″ material.

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Bar Diameter

3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8"