Whipping Threads

Welcome to the expanded Golden Witch selection of silk rod whipping threads. In addition to the Pearsall’s and YLI silks that we’ve offered for years, we recently added Tiara and Kimono. We also brought back the entire Tire line of silks (formerly Clover/Tire). Watch for even more additions later in the year. Enjoy this wealth of color – I don’t think there’s ever been a better time, in terms of color selection, for rodmakers. The choices are myriad. You have the opportunity to hone in on one rarified color that will define your rods for generations to come, or to experiment visually from rod to rod with the assurance that, across a productive lifetime of rodmaking, you’ll never have to use the same color twice. Custom rodmakers, you will want to invest in color cards, so that you can show potential clients several full ranges of silks – cards are currently available for Kimono, Tiara, and Tire.

Thanks for exploring!

Click here for a ramble that touches on all things silk related, including a tipping suggestion and a size comparison “chart.”

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