Rod Sacks & Tubes

FINAL INVENTORY! We’re clearing out our sacks and our tube kits. If there are any pro makers who have SERIOUS interest in buying several crates of full-length tubing in both diameters, let’s talk. We’ll sell it at our cost for the drawing & freight, plus current aluminum value on a per/pound basis, but only as a one-time sale on any sealed crates. You’ll need to pick it up. Crates are about 15′ long and extremely heavy…it would be easier to unseal the crates and layer the tubing with blankets into your trailer.

Hi Russ, I’m glad to tell you that the tube (kit) has arrived, I’m so excited to take it in my hand, it’s better than I would imagine. I really thank you!! – David M. (Italy)

You’ll say the same thing when you receive one of our tube kits! They’re even nicer once they’re assembled and protecting your finest rods.

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