Continuing The 20th Anniversary Sale

Golden Witch has been incorporated for 20 years as of November, 2018. We ran the official sale for a year, but we’re keeping this page & category posted as a catch-all location for sale items. Perhaps it’s time to think of this as a Customer Appreciate Sale rather than an anniversary sale. This page will feature rolling discounts on standard items and, most importantly, sale prices on what may eventually be thousands of items…all the accumulated non-standard stuff in our warehouse space. Hunt around. Come back often. Grab what you want, because many items are single items, or very low quantity items. If you like the price, snatch the item; if you’re not pleased by the price, just wait…each month we’ll drop the prices of surviving items. We’re getting rid of everything that isn’t part of our regular inventory. You can read more about the sale on the “About GW” page, but if you really want some fun, read the item descriptions and you’ll find references to Vegas show girls & Naval Jelly, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the venerable C.E. Savage, Jr., and dozens of other seemingly incompatible tidbits. Enjoy!

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