Our Customers Say…

These are real quotes from rodmakers about our products and services. Notes like these stream in daily, and we’re thankful for them. My staff and I do our best to treat all our clients as we’d like to be treated if we were the ones shopping for obscure tools and components. Your positive feedback lets us know when we’re doing things right. When I have a moment, I try to post fresh notes on this page to give potential clients a sense for how our active clients have responded to Golden Witch. Yes, these quotes have been edited for clarity, spelling, punctuation … and brevity. – Russ

Two Of Our Shop-Made Hydro-Welded Stripping Guides, Both 12mm Moss With Rope Twisted Precious Silver Bezels – One In A Heavy Duty “Guide” Weight Frame & One In A Standard Frame. Strippers Like These Keep Makers – And Anglers – Satisfied! And When Our Clients Are Happy, They Write Nice Notes…

Oh, look at that. Easter Eggs. Since you were kind enough to check out this page, here’s an Easter Egg for you. If you place an order for more than $250.00 in merchandise – and the order must be exclusive of time consuming custom items or upgrades like bluing services – please request “Easter Egg #4” in the comments section on your order form. Imagine you buy a handful of ferule sets and rod wrapping silks, or a bunch of pre-formed cork grips, any of which are quick for me to pick and pack – and now, as a thank you, you can claim an Easter Egg.  Easter Egg #4 is a free vintage agatine guide (our choice of size & style – something to inspire an unusual build!).  Limit of one Easter Egg request per order unless I change the rules later, and your order must meet the minimum requirements for the Easter Egg you are requesting. And, to be brutally clear: YOU must request a specific Easter Egg in the comments on your order form, or no one here, which is mostly me, will know you discovered the good egg. As this final year moves on, I’ll add other Easter Eggs around the GW website. Maybe I’ll go add another one right now, tucking it where you least expect it, yet can best use it. Good time to start your hunt!

Easter Egg #1 ends when the associated oddball products are gone. There are about a hundred of them.  Easter Egg #2 is not high value, just nice, so you may add Easter Egg #2 to any other Easter Egg your order may qualify for – if it also qualifies for Easter Egg #2.  There must be an exception to every rule.  If I run out of Easter Egg #3, which I doubt is possible, I’ll tuck in something comparable with qualifying orders. I won’t run out of East Egg #4 unless someone buys the shop and the vintage collection with it.  You may request Easter Eggs #1, #2, #3, & #4 IF AND ONLY IF your order has no custom items, qualifies for each of those eggs individually, and crests $500.00 in merchandise. I guess I’ve already changed the rules. I have a lot of stuff to sell and a lot of stuff to share with rodmakers.  Don’t forget, domestic shipping on small parts orders is FREE on orders over $500 in merchandise, so that’s like finding another Easter Egg.  Please don’t be fussy about free stuff if I run out entirely or have to make substitutions.  Thanks!

Thank you for everything over the last few years! I was a little sad learning of the move, but I sincerely hope y’all have a great retirement. I have only great things to say about you and the business.  Thanks again for everything! – Granger H. (USA)

Russ,   Thank you so much! That’s really more than you needed to do. But then, this is a big part of the reason why I, and I’m sure many others, love to do business with you.   Thanks again,  Danny F. (USA)

Hi Russ, Everything, including the Freebies [!], arrived in good condition in this afternoon’s mail.  Thank you.  Very much. – Hugh L. (USA)

Thanks for the incredible service I get from Golden Witch. – Dave H. (USA)

Well Russ, I got my [A-] bamboo today and I must say I am floored. Thank you so very very much. That’s gonna really help me out. – Jaime B. (USA)

Hello Russ,  The parcel is just arrived! I like my new bamboo culms. New home for them is in small village somewhere in Poland. Thank you very much!  Best regards, Robert M. (Poland)

Thanks Russ! You’re the man and have amazing customer service. … Hope you’re doing well, Trevor S. (USA)

Russ Hi, Good news: the shipment sailed through customs and is with me now. … It’s been an absolute pleasure doing business with you and I wish you a speedy journey into retirement. Best regards, Chris  P.S. thx for the goody bag, a nice surprise.  – Chris Y. (United Kingdom)

The Guide looks great, thank you! – Ronald W. (USA)

Listen Russ, you make the best components I’ve ever laid my hands on so please reconsider your retirement amigo! Lol- Actually, I’m being serious! … Drew C. (USA)

Wow that was so fast, Thank you for your awesome service. Best, Travis L. (USA)

Thanks Russ! You have a wonderful business, don’t know what I would do without Golden Witch. I’ve been a customer since 2007 and everything I have ever ordered has proved to be top quality. Your customer service is fabulous as well. Thanks!! – Tim O. (USA)

Hey Russ,  Stuff arrived yesterday. Thank you very much for the nice extras … Take care, Jim L. (USA)

Russ,  My order arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Incredible packing job.  Thanks,  Gary W. (USA)

Russ, Fantastic!  I’m having some fun…  – Phil P. (USA)

Thanks Russ…looking forward to completing the restoration…. [with special ordered non-serrated ferrules] – Mike G. (USA)

Russ, I got [the ferrules]!  Thank you for the excellent service! -Dan Z. (USA)

Hello Russ, Thank you for the notice, and prompt service.  … Thanks again for your great products … Best Regards, Paul R. (USA)

Got the stripper today. Absolutely beautiful. You’re an artist. Thank you for the extras too. The hook keepers will be used on a future rod. I think there are many more rods in my future.  Thank you, Dave L. (USA)

Hi Russ, Just a quick note to say a big thank you for the order I received earlier this week. Great service, very speedy, beautifully packed – a pleasure buying from you. Again, thank you. -Tim M. (Australia)

Thanks Russ! None of [the rod crafting] would be worth doing without your excellent work/touch on your products! – Drew C. (USA)

Hello Russ, Everything received in top condition. Thanks a lot. – Marcus Z. (Germany)

Thank you, Russ, That is very efficient! It is always a pleasure to do business with you. Best wishes, Paul J (UK)

I ordered a book from you guys a while back and it came with some Vintage Parts in a bag. Trinkets for freebies. …  Just wanted to say thanks for that gesture.  It goes a long way. …  Best – Brian S. (USA)

Thanks Russ.  I am, once again, very pleased with your prompt response and service…especially now a days with everything being so hard to get.  … Wishing all the best to you and family, especially your transition to the great state of South Carolina. Kindest regards, Gregg J. (USA)

What a beautiful stripper! You’re the best. Amazing work. … – Dave L. (USA)

Great, thanks for the advice! You’ve given me enough confidence that I’m going to give it a shot. … – Daniel A. (USA)

Dear Russ, Wow! Thank you for taking the time to send this very detailed message. I knew that you would have some good ideas. I had already checked the underside of the old wrap. It is indeed green and orange jasper. … I’ll investigate your suggestions. Thanks again, John M. (USA)

Russ, Thank you again for the excellent customer service. I want you and your team to know I sincerely appreciate it. As the husband of a wife who is a business owner …, I have a unique perspective regarding the level of dedication it takes to juggle all the goings-on this time of year. After many years of purchasing rod-making “stuff,” GW is certainly the gold standard. … Regards, Cody J. (USA)

Awesome! Thank you so much! – Joseph C. (USA)

Hi Russ, Finally got a chance to open my order of silk threads and wanted to thank you for the vintage hardware in there with them. Nice surprise! – John A. (USA)

Thanks Russ. I love the quick service. Have a good Thanksgiving. – Doug H. (USA)

Thanks, appreciate the quick turn around! – John A. (USA)

Thanks so much Russ! The pie splitter is a lot of fun, I like how even the strips come out! I split out a bunch of strips last weekend…. Know that I am making good use of the tools, enjoying the process of learning how to make bamboo rods. It is a lot of fun 🙂  Hope all is well for you Russ, thanks for all of your help! – Will U. (USA)

Hi Russ,  I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help and your generosity with the extras!  My husband and son are tooling around with the bamboo.  It is quite the process!  I will reach out if we have any questions as we go. Thanks again, Heather W. (USA)

Wow, great service, thank you! – Bill K. (USA)

Awesome, thank you so much! – Ken C. (USA)

Dear Russ,  Thank you so much for the great-looking bamboo and all the extras you gave me yesterday. I much appreciate it!  Warmly, Matthias F. (USA)

Endless thanks to you!! – Jimmy W. (USA)

Just FYI … received the pkg yesterday.  I don’t think I’ve seen anything so well wrapped.  Thanks! – Dan C. (USA)

Thanks for the note Russ! The packing job on my last [tube kit] order was incredible… I’m also starting my foray into building blanks from culms – so I’m pretty excited. … Thanks again, Phillip G. (USA)

Russ:  Just a short note to essay how great you guys are. I just got the sampler pack and the culms look great!  I can’t wait to get to work. Many thanks also for the quick turn around. That attention and service is getting scarce these days. Best – Todd M. (USA)

Gday Russ, Just to let you know that the goods arrived today. Beautifully wrapped and safe.  Thank you.  Much appreciated and thanks too for the free package. – David H. (Australia)

Thanks – you all are the greatest as always. – William B. (USA)

Russ,  I feel like a kid unpacking your boxes!  I don’t think for a minute we should get a discount for shipping on any quantity order.  Your packaging is amazing!  The icing is the gifts slid carefully into the package.  I was shocked to find 2 spools of silk thread.  Nice touch, you shock me every time!  Thanks for all you do! – Chuck R. (USA)

Thanks for your note Russ – know that I really appreciate all the support you have given me as I start on this adventure!  It really is a dream come true to start making bamboo fly rods.  Excited to start planing some cane soon on the roughing forms.  And know that I have been enjoying your videos, so helpful to see the process I have read about. Definitely going to get a belt sander for node work…you make it look easy. … Will U. (USA)

Thank you Russ. I am new to this rod building hobby. My first rod was a graphite 3 weight. Next up is a fiberglass rod and I wanted some much nicer hardware for this one. You have some beautiful products on the website. – Dan O. (USA)

Thanks much, Russ. I always enjoy getting your lagniappe and use them wisely. Just paid the shipping invoice. Have a great Labor Day weekend. Regards, Crawford P. (USA)

Hi Russ,  I received your package last weekend and wow, it was a treat. Thank you so much for all the goodies! The moss agate [JM Special] guide is absolutely stunning. I just finished wrapping it on the rod and I really like how it turned out. I will make sure to send you photos of it once I am done varnishing the rod. I personally love the silver strip down the middle. You can kinda see it through my olive wraps too, which I think is a cool effect. … Best, Olivia E. (USA)

Thank you Russ, I am anxious to get started building.  Best, Mike B. (USA)

Hey Russ,  Thank you so much for the update! I’m excited to up my roughing game!  Cheers, Jonathan B. (USA)

Hi Russ,  ….  My order of [A+] cork and [A+] cane all arrived in fine condition. The quality of the rodmaking materials is all first rate! The Peak/GW team put a lot of care into selecting and sorting the cane and it really shows in the culms that you shipped me…it’s top shelf!   Also, thank you for the “extras” in the order… the mug, vintage guides, sample culm, etc. will all be put to good use.  I hope that you and your family are doing well, and that you all can enjoy a much deserved vacation.  Best regards,
Bernie E. (USA)

Wow the [10mm & 12mm JM Special Agate stripping guides] are perfect.  I’m excited for these builds.  The moss agate will go on a Ben’s of Holland 3wt fiberglass rod in a yellow color.  The purple will go on an ole Steffen graphite 5/6wt blank … matched up with the gorgeous reel seats from Ron at southwest custom. Thanks again!  Going to have to order some more agates for my next builds. Daren M (USA)

Hey Russ,  I just finished splitting, pressing nodes, and straightening the strips on the butt section of the first A- culm.  Wow!  I was surprised on the time you save working with high grade bamboo.  My first bundle of bamboo was purchased from [a west coast competitor].  I’m coming to the end of the bundle & really should have passed on a lot of it for rod making.  As you call it “plant stakes”.  It’s just hard throwing away material….  I thought your prices were high compared to others, but the time savings just in splitting & straightening has saved so much already.  Can’t wait to get on with the rest of the build.  I really appreciate the notes on the culms as well.  Steers me in the right direction.  Another GREAT product from Golden Witch!  Stay safe & healthy!  Chuck R.  (USA)

Hi Russ,  I hope that all is well with you.  …  Thank you for all the services that you have provided me over the years, it has been greatly appreciated.  You are truly unique.  Regards, Gary S.  (USA)

Thanks so much Russ!! I am excited to learn from your videos, appreciate the opportunity to learn more from you. Will be reaching out with more questions along the way!  And thank you for your advice on boring cork rings and mottling cane, helped a lot in my experimentation flaming bamboo. …  Thanks for everything Russ, hope all is well for you and yours!! – Will U. (USA)

Russ, I’ve looked at your website a number of times and read several of your very interesting narratives on guides, ferrules and rod building in general.  However, this was my first purchase from Golden Witch.  The amount of time you spent making sure that my minimal order was handled properly has earned you a future customer.  Service like you provide is hard to find in today’s business environment.  Thanks again.  – Darryl B. (USA)

Hi Russ!  No worries at all [regarding a several day delay], I am ordering these components well in advance of needing them and I probably won’t use the [Boyd-Inspired] reel seat for a long time. I just wanted to get another one. I love that style, especially the butt cap. Sometimes I go onto the site and browse through and impulse purchase some things in addition to what I went there for in the first place. I never regret it! Have a great weekend and thanks for the note. – Jeff E. (USA)

Wow!!!  Just got the package and you guys are amazing.  I sincerely appreciate the SWAG, and will definitely be a repeat customer.  So glad to find you all. Thank you, thank you, Armando A. (USA) 

Thank you so much Russ. Finishing up a few rods (holy sh*t is it quite the process making a rod), Payne 98 and a Paul Young Perfectionist. Wishing you well, and I will probably be getting more from the Golden Witch website in the near future. Thank you for the care package and happy trails! Appreciate all you’re doing over there. Matt B. (USA)

Hi Russ, Great report [our Rodmaking For Beginners PDF] … I printed it out – really gives me a lot to chew on! Thank you so much, Tim G. (USA)

Hey Russ, Thank you very much for that link [to the Rodmaking For Beginners PDF]… That is also really good advice about trying different methods when something isn’t working or clicking. I’ll definitely invest in your DVDs as well when I purchase your forms. Cattanach’s book is great, but I think I need to see someone doing some of these steps for it to make sense. Cheers, Jonathan B. (USA)

Russ,  That was quick!  Thank you so much.  No doubt you will hear from me again.  – Dan Z. (USA)

Russ! … I do love the (Hydro-Welded Hexagate) guide as it’s truly a beautiful work of art … I wasn’t really sure what the hydro-welded really entailed. Now, that I’ve seen this, I understand!  Look forward to the next order!  Thanks and stay safe amigo – Drew C. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.  Also greatly appreciate the information with regard to Oxpho. …  I know a few cane rod builders around here and they all speak very highly of your shop. Golden Witch is certainly a well-known supplier of quality cane building supplies. …  Thanks very much for your help and prompt reply. Stay safe and talk soon! Regards, Tom W. (Canada)

Russ, Thanks again for your concern and interest in my projects coming up. The plethora of instructions will be invaluable when [my wife & I] get started!  Now that’s customer service!!!  – Dave M. (USA)

Thanks Russ. I was not wed to any particular color [of rod sack], so substitution was just fine….Talk about fast service!
-Doug H. (USA)

Hi Russ, … Keep well, many thanks for your help and advice regarding bamboo, and I will send some pictures of the bows I make with this bamboo. – Cliff G. ——– And about two weeks later, Cliff wrote again: Hi Russ,  Success at last {juggling bamboo through UK customs}. I now have in my possession the best bamboo I have to date managed to get my hands on {Peak Bamboo Select Cut A+}.  Already picked the first bit to work on. Two bows ready and waiting for this.  Many thanks again, keep well, and I will keep you updated with progress. – Cliff G., Raven Longbows (United Kingdom)

That’s great!  … I really appreciate the service!   – Tony H. (USA)

Thank you! Always appreciate ordering from you. – Tim H. (USA)

Thanks Russ.  I was astounded that another client saw the last purple rod that I just completed with your [12mm Purple Banded JM Special] agate stripper on it, and he liked it so much that he asked me for a purple rod, same length and weight as well.  Love your work, as usual.  Best to you and your family. – Gregg J. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the quick response and shipment. I love your website. For a novice rod builder, like myself, just reading the descriptions for the items is both entertaining and helpful. I have used your website as a tool over my first year rod building and owe far more than I have paid for in supplies, so I am sad to read that you will be selling the shop. But all things must come to an end and I’m sure you’re ready to relax a bit. Well deserved and  thanks for all you do! Respectfully, Jon S. (USA)

Thanks Russ, …  By the way, got the other parts from you last week, including the heavy duty classic wide high set blued agate guide, and also set of classic “Payne inspired” blued real seat components.  They all looked great!!!  —- thanks to you guys for the fine quality hardware. It’s an addictive hobby — but provides a lot of fun for me in my older years.   Glad you guys are out there providing components for those of us who like to build out bamboo rods.  … Best Regards, Jeff H. (USA)

Thank you Russ I appreciate the great customer service as always. – Scott T. (USA)

Russ……thanks ever so much for your time and ideas. I may end up doing what you suggest. Again thanks for your time. Best to you Russ, Michael C. (New Zealand)

Yes Sir!!!   Got [the jewelry grade seat, tender, and guide] today and it looks great!  When I have a rod built I’ll be sure to send pictures!   I appreciate the thread too! Great job and thanks! – Jack C. (USA)

Russ:  Thanks for the help.   A few coats of varnish on the wraps and I’m going fishing.  It came out pretty nice.   Casts nice, etc.    Lots that will get better with the next one.  …  I wouldn’t have this rod in my hands without your help.  It certainly wouldn’t look and cast and like it does.  – Chris S. (USA)

I appreciate you. Thank You. – Darius W. (USA)

Hello Russ,  I just want to let you know that I’ve received your delivery today. As expected everything is complete and seems to fit perfectly.  Thank you for the additional samples.  Kind regards,  Ernst L. (Austria)

Russ, I received my order today, all in great shape. Can’t believe how well it was packaged. Thanks so much for the free sample of vintage parts.  -Gary W. (USA)

Thanks Russ. I’ll send some pictures as I go and probably ask you for suggestions at certain point of the restoration. The best to you, Al P. (USA)

Russ, Thanks so much for the great service. Regards, John H. (USA)

Thanks Russ, I have a Heddon Black Beauty that greatly appreciates your speedy reply! – Dave H. (USA)

Hey Russ!  My bamboo arrived and looks great 🙂  Thank you so much for the amazing service, kind words, and the [freebies].  Looking forward to the journey of learning this craft … Thanks again.  -Owen S. (USA)

Russ,  Thank you for the personal note.  Means a lot.  Best –  Don S. (USA)

Russ,  That looks so awesome!  This [jewelry grade component project] is going to be great!  Please…don’t feel like you need to rush.  Work at your pace.  The gold solder looks fantastic!  Thanks, Jack C. (USA)

A Jewelry Grade Guide – 10mm ROY (Leans Red) Fluted Agate In A Hydro-Welded Cradle Frame – 18K Yellow Gold Rope Bezel – 18K Yellow Gold Hard Solder – Blued & Clear Coated

Hi Russ, … Thanks for your service, your quality materials and the excellent advice on your web site. – Bill K. (USA)

Hello Russ, … I want to thank you for answering so quickly. … Kind regards, Ernst L. (Austria)

Thank you so much! Best regards, Florian C. (France)

Russ, Thanks!   The long and dreary winter just got a little brighter! – Dave B. (USA)

Hiya Russ, Excellent …thanks again!  Regards 😊 Kim V. (Denmark)

Thanks … So much to learn.  Are they straight enough… Are the nodes right… how do I use my binder… am I dipping these … should I build an oven … and on and on!  I’m really glad I took the plunge.   Thanks for your help.   Talk again when I’m further along.  – Chris S. (USA)

Everything arrived in good shape… thanks Russ! Few more things I have to do before I get started. Getting close!!!! – Chris S. (USA)

Hiya Russ,  As always, thank you for the quick reply [regarding transparent wraps]. … Will let you know!  Thanks again, Russ.  Cheers, Mike F. (USA)

Thanks for the note, Russ.  It has been a while – I used to buy from GW [in the] late ‘90s.  Good to see you’re are still up and running!  Best regards, Jim A. (USA)

Good morning Russ, I received my order and it is great. I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for the free sample vintage guides. They will be fun to put on a future rod. Thanks for the great service and quality products.  Best wishes for continued success, Travis L. (USA)

Hi Russ, The parcel made it in pretty good time – received today thanks.  And thanks also for the vintage samples to try out.  Best regards, Quentin B. (Australia)

Awesome, always great to work with you and your company. Thank you! -Scott T. (USA)

I received the [Leonard Reproduction] ferrules for the rod repair for P.R.. They look great! … -Ansell B (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the beautiful piece!  It’ll look great on the new rod I’m building.  Best, Larry J. (USA)

Russ, Great! Looks beautiful and I will post it on my website….  Cheers! Tight Lines! Stay safe and best wishes for good year.  Russ A. (USA)

Russ,  Wow! They look wonderful.  I look forward to getting them.  This is giving me fresh inspiration to build.  I have already made one more order.  Thank you,  Brett C.  (USA)

Franken-Stone 18mm Red Agatine With Super Duty Frame
Franken-Stone 18mm Red Agatine With Super Duty Frame – Blued & Clear Coated

Russ, … Thanks as always for your great service and advice. – Shayne P. (USA)

Thank you a lot for your kind [shipping notification] message!  Best regards,  Florian C. (France) 

Thanks Russ! You guys are excellent! – Ken N. (USA)

Hi Russ, I’m glad to tell you that the tube (kit) has arrived, I’m so excited to take it in my hand, it’s better than I would imagine. I really thank you!! – David M. (Italy)

Russ,  Thanks so much for your information on the Bamboo rod building videos.  …  I think your advice is spot on regarding the blotches on my silk…  Thanks for your advice and time,  Best Regards,  Bill S. (USA)

Awesome, thanks! I used your classic wide on a Lamiglas honey blank build and it looked amazing! This is going on a new Carlin Perfectionist taper. I love the old school look of the wide ring guides. As always, I’m sure all will be magnificent! Thanks again! – Phillip M. (USA)

Hi Russ, Just a note to let you know I received my A+ bamboo yesterday.   It was sorted and packaged great, everything arrived in perfect shape. Please thank Drake for me. Really beautiful quality cane, I can’t wait to get started up again! … -Vin N. (USA)

Russ,  Thanks for the quick reply and the great info, this is exactly what I was looking for! … I’ll read through the pdf tonight too, it sounds like a great primer and hopefully will help me cue up some more specific questions.  Cheers, and happy new year!  – Ryan D. (USA)

What PDF? This One: https://www.goldenwitch.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Bamboo-Rodmaking-for-Beginners.pdf

Hi Russ, As always your intel on the subject is spot on. … thank you for the advice. – Sean H. (USA)

Thanks Russ.  I have become hooked on Kimono silk thread … as I’m sure you’re aware, silk is the best.   …  Also keep making those natural stone stripper guides, love them and plan to buy some more for my more spendy builds with Winston and Sage blanks.  – Russ A. (USA)

Simply put… you rock! Thank you and Happy 2021 to you and yours! – Matt A. (USA)

Russ,  … I would like to thank you for the online recommendation to purchase the #6 & #8 ferrule files. They are awesome but work equally well to “clean up” the snake guides. My rod building tool chest as well as my supply of bamboo is a testament to the Golden Witch website and your recommendations. Thanks again, Tim C. (USA)

Hi Russ,  Many thanks…  Have also a great Christmas and stay safe.  Best regards, Nico V. (Netherlands)

Russ,  These pictures of the guides are awesome.  …  I appreciate your attention to details.  – Brad E. (USA)

A Hydro-Welded Heavy Duty Standard Stripping Guide With Narrow Feet (to fit a delicate blank) – Blued – 12mm Purple Banded Agate.
A Hydro-Welded Heavy Duty Standard Stripping Guide – Narrow Feet – Blued – 12mm Light Moss Agate.

Thanks Russ. I hope you have great Holiday with your family. Regards, Dan T. (USA)

Dear Russ, Thank you very much for the quick service and excellent communication. Best Wishes, Paul J. (United Kingdom)

Thanks Russ,  BTW, good conversing with you.  …  I appreciate all you do and have done for the rodmaking community. – Harry B. (USA)

Thanks Russ. Stay well and enjoy the upcoming holiday. – Buddy D. (USA)

Hi Russ!  Thank you so much! M.R. pointed me in your direction [for A+ cork]. Said you’re the person to get in touch with. … Anyhow, looking forward to it and thank you again.  – Adam W-R (USA)

Thanks Russ,  … Scored 3 vintage carp rods on auctions in Germany and Great Britain: Richard Walker Mark V , B. James, and a Pezon et Michel. All split-cane in need of some TLC. Will be a pleasure to restore them with your fine materials!  Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year from the Netherlands! – Adrie R. (Netherlands)

Thank you Russ.  I appreciate your prompt shipping.  Have a great Christmas. – Rick S. (USA)

Good morning Russ, Hope and pray all is well with you and your family! … I received the guide Friday.  It looks great!!!  Thank you very much for being so accommodating!!! … Thanks again my friend … have a very Merry Christmas.  All my best, Dave S. (USA)

8mm Black Onyx In A Hydro-Welded Frame

Hi Russ, … Once again, thank you for your kind assistance and advice, Best Mike F. (USA)

These look awesome! Thanks, Jon W.

A Hydro-Welded 9mm Natural Agate In A Standard Frame.
A Hydro-Welded 9mm Dark Moss Agate In A Standard Frame.

Thank you Russ.  I appreciate your prompt shipping.  Have a great Christmas. – Rick S. (USA)

Wow, Russ, these [Hydro-Welded Guides] are amazing! You’re quite the craftsman and the new photo setup is pretty sweet. – Trevor S. (USA)

A Hydro-Welded Dark Okapi Agate In A Blued Standard Frame.
A Hydro-Welded Heavy Duty “Guide” Weight Standard Frame – 12mm Moss Agate – Rope Twisted Precious Silver Bezel.

Russ,  THANK YOU!  You included the guides and tiptops; as well as extra cork rings and vintage parts complementary.  That didn’t go unnoticed, very considerate.  Again, Thank you!  Well, I’m very excited about these next rods. – Brad E. (USA)

That’s great Russ.  I really appreciate your time.  I love your descriptions too – kid’s hot dog plate – that’s wonderful.  I will place an order as soon as I can.  And I look forward also to seeing those strippers.  Have a great Thanksgiving.  – Andy T.

[If you want to see what I wrote to Andy, check out our Silk Ramble!]

Russ,  Thanks for your feedback.  Looks like I’ve found my go to source for agate guides.  Your [Hydro-Welded] guides are exquisite.  … This will be a great collaboration.  Best, Jon W.

Thanks Russ. My ferrules are on their way [for the Ferrule Matching Service]. They came off easily after punching the pin and heating. Thanks for the prompt response. – Mike M.

Hi Russ, I received the package today. Everything [blued ferrules & Blue Line reel seat hardware] is so beautiful! I appreciate the vintage package of goodies and decals as well!  Have a great week! -Jeanna L. (USA)

Thanks for the update, Russ.  I always look forward to arrival of your packages. – Steve M. (USA)

Hey Russ!  Been away from rodmaking about 8-9 years, but a former associate, like me now retired, said he was going have a shot at restoring old bamboo rods.  …  I will most certainly get him your info as a premier resource.  So very glad you’re still there and in business – congratulations!  Be well, Mac M. (USA)

Hi Russ, The [A+]cane arrived today in great shape. It’s beautiful stuff! Thanks for what you do and for making this great material available for us to work with. -Dave G. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the info and time you took. – Brian H. (USA)

Hi Russ, Got the package today. … thanks for the service and the free guides/tiptops! – Martoine U. (Netherlands)

Thanks Russ.  I am making good progress, however I just looked at your custom rods on the website (beautiful!), and now I have become significantly more humble. I am having fun, and enjoy all the learnings. – Rick S. (USA)

Russ, I started making rods out of curiosity, and as a time filler to counter the effects covid has had on traveling etc..  … My plan was to start early July and try to have a rod done by Christmas.  Well, its early Oct. and I’m 1/2 way into rod #3!!  What a blast!  A couple weeks ago I got the first chance to use my first rod, a Dickerson 7613, on a trip to the Black Hills of SD.  First fish on it was a nice 16″ rainbow, followed by the first SD 19″er I’ve caught.  Quite a thrill on a rod I made!  Anyway, why tell you?  Your bamboo and other components have been reliable, easy to use, high quality, and, most of all, delivered with the finest service and information one could hope for.  I appreciate very much, your personal, prompt service.  You’ve got a fan in SD! – Rod S. (USA)

Thank you so much for your email, I’m excited to get an old rod up and running again. … – Ryan D. (USA)

Thank you for your always prompt response and speedy shipping!  Your customer service is incomparable. I feel this build will be my favorite one yet! … Thanks again, y’all stay healthy and safe! – Casey P. (USA)

And a subsequent email from Casey: Good morning, received the grip and ferrules. Super nice components. Thanks for the guides!   I’ve almost collected enough for another spin build. … Thanks again.

Hi Russ,  The ferrule puller arrived today and it is so much more beautiful in person!  I’m glad I ordered the “deluxe” version.  And thanks for the samples! … Warmest regards, Anthony F. (USA)

Hi Russ … With your thoughtful, generous help, I’ve built a rod that will bring me joy for years to come. I dry cast my 6’3” rod, and that little guy will layout sweet 50 ft casts! – perfect for the longest cast needed for fishing on the small water it was designed to fish. … – Steve B. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for helping feed my interest in bamboo. – Chris K. (USA)

Thanks Russ, The package [of bamboo] arrived in great shape. Great service. I will keep in touch as I go along. Thanks again, Bob G. (USA)

Thank you so much. The change [of silk colors] is no problem and I look forward to a continued business relationship with GW as I grow. – Kevin S. (USA)

Sweet! These [aluminum plugs] will work great until I can get the nickel silver ones turned down. This Payne would have originally had ferrule plugs … so I’ve wanted to get this done for some time. Thanks again Russ! – Lee B. (USA)

Thanks Russ. And thanks for the quick shipping, great service and excellent products over so many years. I was out of rod making for a while but retired recently and have much more time for the important things. I was delighted to find that you are still in business! – Barry K. (USA)

Thank you Russ! “Funkiest” sounds just right for me! I can’t wait to see it. – Norma J. (USA)

In this case, after a brief email conversation, Norma requested a funky brown banded agate. Many batches of banded agates have one or two rings that feature unusual/atypical banding patterns (e.g., patches of color rather than bands, or ‘arrow’ banding rather than straight bands), and I only turn these rings into guides when a client is looking for the oddball and entirely willing to gamble on a sight-unseen ring that stands out from the rest of the batch. These curiosities only exist in the various banded batches; teal green agates are all teal green; blue agates are just blue. Atypical banding is rare and I can’t promise I can deliver, but if you ask I’ll scan the batch and will create a guide with a funky agate if one is available. Sorry, it’s always a gamble – I don’t take pics or describe rings prior to purchase.

Good Afternoon Russ,  Thanks so much for your reply on my order, I look forward to receiving the agate guide … I think it will really set the rod apart. Thanks for all the awesome work you and your team do.  Best,  Michael F. (USA)

Thank you Russ – very helpful. – Lee B. (USA)

If you’re curious as to what was helpful, check out the text for our Aluminum Ferrule Plugs.

Russ, I received the [Brass Alcohol] lamps and they are beautiful! Thank you again. Dale H. (USA)

Russ, Thank you very much. Tommy T. (USA)

Hi Russ, That’s great. … Thank you for your prompt service and good communication. Your shop will be the go-to for me now.  Regards, Erlend B. (Norway)

My compliments on kick ass service. Within the period of 8 days, including ordering and paying final shipping cost (on bamboo), I was able to begin my 1st flamed rod. … The torch head is the real deal, well made and easy to use and the bamboo was exactly what the web page described. I still have a good many tools to make and buy but I’ve started my quest. Thanks again.  Regards, Phil M. (USA)

Russ,  Thanks for the prompt service.  This is my first attempt at rod making. … I have appreciated your website and advice offered there.  Thanks again, Rick S. (USA)

Hi Russ,  Thanks very much for the personal attention to my order.  It really does make a positive difference.  Also, thanks for the generous 3 feet of NS bar.  Very much appreciated!  I will be hopefully putting it to good use, trying my hand at machining ferrules. Take care, Dan H. (USA)

Thanks Russ!  It’s always a pleasure working with y’all!  Stay safe … – Jacob R. (USA)

Hi Russ, Always a pleasure doing business with a top of the line company. Thanks for taking care of this order for me. Best regards, Jim H. (USA)

Fantastic input. Wow. Thanks. … I actually wasn’t aware of the Atelier project. This sounds really good. … Thanks again for the reply and have a great Sunday. … – Eric Z. (USA)

Thank you for the great service. – Phil M. (USA)

Thanks Russ! I appreciate what you do and thanks for the inspiration! – Brian M. (USA – Armed Forces Pacific)

Thanks Russ … it certainly is my pleasure to support your business and all the fine work that you all do. … Thank you again—I’m greatly looking forward to receiving my order and beginning work on the next rod!  All the best,  Anton C. (USA)

Thank you Russ!  I appreciate your quick responses and high quality products!  Golden Witch is the best! – Jack C. (USA)

You are more than welcome. …  I decided to take this leap at this point because it seems to me the economy will be changing and move to a different model … Worst case is I make some bamboo rods that I feel obligated to fish… By the way, the DVD’s you made were perfect. Watching those made me pull the trigger after 10 years of considering it and trying to build a fiberglass rod that matched bamboo. Thanks again – Bruce E. (USA)

Thank you for your prompt reply and good service. – Erlend B. (Norway)

Good Sunday morning Russ, … I truly appreciate the terrific service, and will gladly recommend you to my maker/builder friends.  The vintage components were awesome, and I just shared a stripping guide with a buddy that is restoring an old trolling rod. Thank you, and I look forward to receiving the shipment and starting my upcoming projects. … – Troy S. (USA)

Thanks so much Russ! I really appreciate GW and all the work y’all do. … – Steven S. (USA)

The culms look great! Thanks Russ! -Matt K. (USA)

GW Note: Even our A- Culms attract positive comments!

Appreciate the personal service, Thanks. Be healthy yourself, Rod S. (USA)

Thanks. It’s a pleasure doing business with you. – Jim O. (USA)

It was nice meeting you…and Drake too.  The [A+] cane is all check split and I’m very happy with it.  I will be back for more once I get through with this batch.  – Pat W. (USA)

Thank You.  I had hoped to give you a chuckle but I can’t attach the picture – of my parts bin drawers that now have one labeled “Golden Witch” to house all the extra goodies you have sent me.  Someday I hope to equip a rod from top to bottom…even if a bit mismatched.  The fish won’t care 😁 Thanks, Bruce R.

Hi Russ,  Thanks…It’s always a pleasure doing business with you. Hope you and your family are all keeping well.  Best wishes, Quentin B. (Australia)

Thanks Russ… look forward to the guides arriving … Derek C. (Australia)

Wow!  Very nice explanations of all the topics covered.  I’ll get back to you with an order! – Hugh L. (USA)   [Readers – FYI, I think Hugh is aiming his compliment at our Ramble which has expanded beyond its title: Just A Few Guide Notes.]

Thanks Russ, Fantastic advice.  I will work out what I want and come back to you. Gerard C. [FYI…if you’re wondering about the advice mentioned, check out our Cork category page.]

Russ, Wow! Thank you again for the wonderful craftsmanship, communication, and excellent packaging and delivery. I truly appreciate you and the quality you provide! Look forward to our additional future business soon! – Drew C. (USA)

Thank you Russ, I have to tell you, you guys have the best service and your web site is stunning! – Les P. (USA)

Hey Russ,  Thank you- you’ve made my project a pleasure. …Thanks for getting my order sent.  Enjoy your weekend,  Steve B (USA)

Russ:  Thank you.  …  Good info Sir. – Craig G. (USA)

Excellent. Thanks so much!! – John B. (USA)

Russ, It’s a pleasure doing business with you. My friend and fly fishing mentor (another GW client) is building another rod for me. I’m pleased he directed me your way. Philip C. (USA)

Tim is very impressed with the attention you’ve paid to his question, as am I. This has been delightful and he looks forward to doing business in the future. Thanks, Sarah C. (USA)

Thank you, Russ. I really appreciate your personalized confirmation message. …  I hope you and your loved ones are well and you’re enjoying your weekend. Best, Sylvia R. (USA)

Thank you Russ!  I have been following you for years.  My son and I took a class and made bamboo rods. Now I am finishing it at home.  I own both your DVDs and enjoy your creativity. … Thank you for your efforts and for sustaining a lost art.  Peter M. (USA)

Hey Russ,  I got everything in the mail today!! It’s super exciting adding more tools to my work shop in progress. Thank you for your professional and speedy shipping it’s very much appreciated. … Thank you again!  All the best, Joe C. (USA)

Hey Russ, thanks for processing this so fast!  I really appreciate it. And please know the reliability of Golden Witch is especially appreciated- not a whole lot out there is reliable these days.  I hope y’all are well. Chris B. (USA)

Very pleased to have received this package [the Peak Bamboo “Thank You” pack] in the mail today. All the future discounts, stickers and the vintage guides are extra sweet. Felt like a kid on Christmas day. Much appreciated! Respectfully, Jon S. (USA)

Russ,  Good morning!  Pray all is well and wanted to let you know your package arrived in good shape. Thank you. … reading your article on inlaying feathers, and really enjoy the read. Thank you again!  Clark L. (USA)

Russ…All the best and thanks again for your prompt response and advice. Dave W. (USA)

Thanks Russ, … I know I am but one person in a plethora of hobbyists and pro rod makers, but you nailed my point exactly, at least for me being a beginner with no experience that is. But I have a hunch you know your customers well and your videos will reflect that.  Thank you for the punctual and professional service. I will recommend Golden Witch / Peak Bamboo to anyone with the interest.  Respectfully, Jon S. (USA)

Russ,  Thanks for being there particularly given what’s going on in the business world right now.  Best, Larry J. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for your prompt service, and above all you and yours stay healthy.  Have a great Memorial Day week end!  Best regards, Joe T. (USA)

Thank you for the note and responsiveness. I look forward to continued business with you fine folks! Regards – stay safe! – Nate L. (USA)

Russ, Thank you for that lovely statement “The tool buying never ends” – just a minute while I get my wife to read this…  Thank you, Sean H. (USA)

Readers, If you’re wondering what Sean is referring to and want to see that quote in context, please visit our Tri-Scraper page and read the nearly ramble-length response I gave to his question.

Russ…The [A Grade 12 for 10] bamboo looks great, and you have a good kid. Drake has positive energy even from social distancing distance. I suggested a song – “Bamboo in the time of Covid-19”. Catchy, eh? He laughed politely. I think he knew my version would have fiddles and banjos. … Looking forward to seeing what you and Drake put together for the video series. Good luck with it. I hope for nothing but success. Be well, and stay safe.  – Ryan S. (USA)

…And thanks for the [A Grade 12 For 10] bamboo.  It looks great. – Chris S. (USA)

Russ, The guides look great. Your careful packaging is appreciated. The vintage products are great. Not sure how I will use them but I will make sure they do get used. Thanks, Dave G. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thanks for your personal note, very nice. … Cheers, Bruce B. (USA)

Russ: Many thanks and thank you for all that you do!   Be safe. Best, Todd M. (USA)

Russ,  The order arrived and everything looks great as usual.  Thanks for doing what you do; I know it’s a challenge right now. – Trevor D. (USA)

I appreciate the quick response! …Always happy to support small businesses especially when the customer service is this great! –Noah G. (USA)

Thanks so much. … You just confirmed once again why I like doing business with you, and will continue to do so.   – Gregg F. (USA)

Thanks Russ.  You’re the best! – Chris S. (USA)

Thanks for the quick shipping! Look forward to doing more business with you. Have a great day! – Rick K. (USA)

Thanks for makin’ things happen Russ! Looking forward to the agate guides. That moss agate is so darn pretty!!! – Andrew K. (USA)

Russ…Thanks for the great service. … Be good. Stay safe.  And as always, been a pleasure.  –Ryan S. (USA)

I just received my last order from you.  I wish my dental supplies, that are a lot more delicate, would be packaged as carefully.  Also, thank you for the generous ‘extras’. All the best, Mark K. (USA)

Hello Russ & Nikki!…Your cork is better than my rods deserve, lol. I will say that it does hurt a little when I show my friends eight hours of threadwork and their response is “holy sh*t, look at that cork.” Hope you and your people are staying safe, thanks again for the gourmet cork! – Jim G. (USA)

Thank you Russ. You’ve been wonderful to purchase from.  Wishing you and yours lots of safety and good health. – Leslie N. (USA)

Health to you and yours also. I’m sure I’ll be ordering a lot more once I get my blank from the rod maker … BTW, I really like the friendly feeling of your internet site. – Mark K. (USA)

Thanks Russ!! As usual, you guys come through. This is rod # 5 I’ve either restored or built with your products since 1997! -Chuck K. (USA)

Good morning Russ, … Thanks again for all of your help. You’ve added an unexpected dimension of craft and caring to my project. Take Care, Steve B. (USA)

Watched the bamboo finishing video this morning and holy cow it is GREAT!!! I am hoping to watch again this the evening for more note taking. Thank you very much!!! – Bruce W. (USA)

Thanks so much! Your response is why I do business with you. – Paul C. (USA)

Russ, One thing that I’ve found from all the wandering one does in the course of learning to make and fish bamboo flyrods is just how interesting and kind most everyone is who we encounter along our paths. It’s a great community. – Hugh L. (USA)

Russ, This has been a fun start to my fly rod building learning curve!! Thank you again for all your knowledge sharing. Best regards, Bruce W. (USA)

You’re a rock star, Russ. Thanks!!  – Spencer D. (USA)

Russ, THANKS again for your invaluable help. It will not be my last order. Best to you and family. – Steve B. (USA)

Great service Russ.  Deb H. (USA)

Thanks Russ—everything looks lovely, as always (the stripping guide is exquisite—I’m looking forward to bluing it in the next day or two). – Anton C. (USA)

Wow Russ, in all of my internet digging I could not find anything that even approaches your work.  And, you are right. I will order some extra ferrules from you when I fine tune what I want to build.  It is worth having some well-labeled examples in my shop to consider the different options when appropriate. I think your explanation is incredibly worthy of posting. Many thanks, John G. (USA)   As a follow-on note, the email John references is now posted on the Step Down & Restoration Step Down Ferrule pages.

Hi Russ!  Thanks so much for the great experience this weekend both at GW {Peak Bamboo’s Sycamore Mill} and for the great local tips.  Laurie and I went to quite a few antique shops … Spot on food recommendations too.  Thank Nikki for her help as well.  We both enjoyed meeting you.  I’m sure more trips to PA will be in our future.  Looking forward to learning and improving my rod building.  Tight lines, Jac C. (USA)

Thanks Russ, I appreciate all your efforts. – John P. (USA)

(Vintage Cradle Frame – 14mm) stripping guides are here. Beautiful. Thanks … see you next time, Marco S. (Italy)

I have split one of the 10 new A+ culms you sent to me recently and have finished the heat treating and secondary tapers for the 2 – 8′ – 9″ Garrison light salmon taper rods (1 of which will be donated to the Atlantic Salmon Federation for auction at their fall banquet in New York City this November).  All of the strips for the new rods turned out almost perfect.  There are no blemishes and the strips came out of the culm almost perfectly straight.  In other words, the new bamboo culms are fantastic. … Thanks, Terry N. (USA)

Russ,  … Thanks so much for the advice …  And thank you for such a quick response as this has been keeping me up at night.  I will be in touch with you for some more supplies.  Thanks again, Bill S. (USA)

Y’all are the best. Thank you! – Steven S. (USA)

Thank you, Russ !!! Thank you very much !!! Steven B. (USA)

Thanks for helping to keep the craft alive.  – Bill K. (USA)

Hello Russ, Received everything almost instantaneously,  thanks !! Also,  thanks for the vintage guides.  Fascinating array of styles. Thanks…Brad M. (USA)

Russ,  I may be overly optimistic, but I’m thinking that I may need more [A+ Bamboo] than this before I become too senile or feeble to build fly rods. I’d really like to do a road trip to your warehouse after I retire to buy some 12’ culms. Your stuff is the best. I have to let you know that I bought 30 culms from (a competitor).  It was crap. Most were split beyond being usable. Follow up was terrible. Shipped with the wrong contact info, and even if it hadn’t been sat on by an elephant during shipping, it would have clearly been B grade.  I don’t have a problem paying for top quality bamboo. I had nearly 100 hours invested in my last rod. Although I am a rank amateur, I do build a mean fly rod, thanks in part to Bill Oyster. … – Karl B. (USA)

Thank you for following up, Russ. We’ve received the parcel, and also the sample! Cheers, Cindy Y. (Hong Kong)

Hello Russ, Thank you very much for the information. I am very much looking forward to the material. I would like to throw my “Rose” finally to the test. Also, I have several rod building seminars in the next weeks and my available material is hardly enough. It is a pleasure for me to use material from your shop and I will stay true to it. Again many thanks and best greetings from Switzerland. – Kurt Z. (Switzerland)

Thank you so much for your super fast reply. I placed an order & ordered the stuff we talked about … Thanks again! Brian D. (USA)

Love it… as I have only been building rods for a few years, all info is appreciated, those articles are great…have to archive them for future reference …  Thanks, Gord W. (Canada)

Thank you so much. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to do what I do without your great products and incredible customer service. I appreciate everything you do. Many thanks, PJ’s Fine Bamboo (USA)

Russ, You are a prince! These are excellent ideas. Thank you so much. Of course, anything I do is totally my own risk and responsibility! … Thanks again for your help and ideas. The personal touch that you bring to your business is refreshing and rare these days.  Jerry P. (USA)

Russ, thanks for all the great information. … I’m just starting to build some infrastructure for this project, I think it’s going to be fun! – Kevin W. (USA)

Damn, I can’t ask for better service, Russ.  Thanks, Marshall G. (USA)

Thanks so much Russ. Good grief, your sites have an endless supply of great info on them! Thanks, Jerry P. (USA)

Hi Russ, The [A+] bamboo culms arrived here today and they are all totally awesome. …  My original purchase of bamboo was from {another supplier, no longer in business} in New York back in 1982.   I still have quite a bit of that order left, so it has been aging for a good long time. That bamboo was nowhere near the quality of the culms you just sent to me.  … I am very pleased with the culms you just sent to me.  They are all very straight and there does not appear to be very many blemishes at all.  Great stuff. Thanks. Terry N. (USA)

Just received my stuff…very nice!  Thanks for all the free stuff too! – Jack C. (USA)

Thank you! Your advice is spot on. I’ve played with bamboo for a few years. This one needed a ferrule…your advice was perfect. Patience. Perfect advice. Got the pop the first time…you can’t make this up! Again, thank you, Scott S. (USA)

Russ, That’s probably the most detailed and personal customer service note I’ve ever received.  Just one more reason I enjoy doing business with you.  Thanks for keeping me in-the-loop. … Take Care, Robert E. (USA)

Thanks! A wise man told me, “There are always problems, what matters to customers is how efficiently you fix the problem.” Your team passed with flying colors. Thanks, Jim I. (USA)

As a quick note, your ‘Rambling’ articles have been exceedingly helpful and insightful, addressing a large number of the questions which come up when first getting into the craft of fly rod making.     Thanks, Tommy S. (USA)

Good morning Russ, I appreciate your communication and quick service on this.  I am a first time rod maker and customer and I must say that I am very impressed.  I hope you all enjoy your new shop. … Take care, Albert T. (USA)

Thank you sir, appreciate it – Gerald K. (USA)

Russ, My order arrived in good shape. The Brass Lamp is very cool. Thank you for the extras. I appreciate that you sent them. -Shawn S. (USA)

I had a pretty amazing day on the water today, then stopped for the best tacos in S. Florida on the way home. I was already in a pretty good mood when I got your package. Your {A+, No-Bore} cork is awesome, I’m incredibly happy, and hope this is the beginning of a long friendship: ) I’ll send you a pic when the build is done. – James G. (USA)

Thank you for … the quick turn around, Russ.  I’m looking forward to receiving the [cork mandrel] set and putting them to good use.  … I will be sure to return to your website if there is anything I need.  Take care, Steven L. (USA)

Hello to both of you. Thank you very much for your explanations, help, and patience. Best regards and good luck with your moving. – Martin G. (Canada)

Thanks, Russ, for the great service. – Todd W. (USA)

Thank you.  My first order with you guys but won’t be my last.  As a “newbie” to this cane madness I’m sure I’ll be making lots of mistakes and restocking my inventory…Great communication which I appreciate. Regards, Rob H. (USA)

Thanks … Russ! I appreciate you taking the time to go through your tips and for the couple freebies. Once I found your site I fell in love with the vintage guides. They are fitting perfectly to my build. I’m sure I will be getting more in the future. – Pat H. (USA)

Hi Russ, Pleasantly surprised to receive a personalised greeting from you. We run an online pet-store here called petshopmalta.com but never have I taken such individual interest in clients. There is clearly much to learn from you! Anyway, thanks again…Cheers,Joe F. (Malta)

Hi Russ, Great news!! Thanks a lot and best regards from Switzerland! – Urs W. (Switzerland)

Thanks Russ. I really appreciate the speedy processing. – Mike B. (USA)

Good morning Russ, I want to say thanks for the prompt service and for your generosity. The extra hook keep that you included with my order will make a nice touch on the build. I was going to omit a hook keeper but yours is too nice to save for another build. … Sincerely, Jeff S. (USA)

Absolutely beautiful work on the guide! Thanks again! – Pat H. (USA)

Thank you for your generous donations to the Michigan Rod Builders gathering held last week in Laingsburg, Michigan.  I was fortunate to receive one of the cork fly rod handles and a nice Peak T-Shirt. I have personally recommended the Golden Witch to several rod builders, and use the rat tail files to ream cork with.  They work great. – Randy K. (USA)

Thank you, much appreciated. I value your opinion and will continue to buy all supplies from the Golden Witch. – Tim C. (USA)

Hi Russ,  Just wanted to let you know that the purple stripping guides you made for me were a big hit on my customers rod.  Can’t thank you enough!  Have a splendid weekend and I look forward to ordering from you again soon. Best, Gregg J. (USA)

Russ, Just wanted to say thank you, it was a pleasure dealing with you {at the Peak Bamboo warehouse} and your son is fantastic. – Ed T. (USA)

Thank you for prompt service and information flow on shipping.  Hope all of you have a great day, spring, summer, etc.. – Brian C. (USA)

I received my order today, and it looks great.  I really appreciate all the extras you provide … What a surprise! I am also very grateful for your article on ferrules, and their adjustments. It is a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be back to order more for the next project. Sincerely, Jordan C. (Canada)

Russ, Thank you for filling my order and for the free samples!!  I need to find a substitute, so being able to compare the Kimono against the Pearsall’s will be very helpful.  Thanks again! Regards, Mike J. (USA)

That’s great, I ordered from you before and the quality was amazing. Thank you so much – John R. (USA)

Thanks Russ! I’m really enjoying my new hobby.  As always, thank you so much for the great customer service.  Take care! -Jesse C. (USA)

Thanks Russ! Always great stuff from GW!!

Timothy O. (USA)

Hello Russ, Many thanks for shipping my order so quickly… and for adding the few extras!…Your components helped make the rod special and something I will enjoy fishing. If it is a portion as much fun as the other Epic fiberglass rod I put together, it is going to be a blast. A few pics with your components are attached, ain’t she a beaut! Thanks again and Warmest regards, Paul B. (USA)

Hi Russ, As always, thanks a lot for your help. It would have taken a lot more motivation, time, and priority without your service and all the interesting literature, philosophy, and knowledge you have on your website. I am glad all that energy is spent on the workbench rather than figuring out ‘how-to’ or ‘where do I get that’. … – Rana P. (USA)

Hi Russ….Happy Saturday to you and Nikki!  Just received the 2 -JM strippers with yellow inserts and they are beautiful!  They are are going to look fantastic on my new custom 5/6 wt set in black and yellow thread. … Thanks so much for everything and I’m hoping that after the upcoming show I’ll need to order some of your finest peak bamboo. The A+ cork is beautiful also.  Thanks again. Gregg J. (USA)

I received the files today along with your gift. Arrived in perfect condition. Thank you very much. Packager has a PhD in secure wrapping for shipping. Best regards, Bill N. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thanks for your email and the fast shipping. Looking forward to put them on to my rods 😀 … Regards, Daniel H. (Switzerland)

Thanks Russ!  Figured I’d have to do some lapping.  Appreciate your help & advice . Read your article on ferrule advice a couple times last week, MOST HELPFUL!!!! … Randy J. (USA)

Russ…Your guides have arrived … Very impressed … also thanks for the hook keepers and the cork rings… Derek C. (Australia)

Hi Russ,  Thank you for the excellent communication and super fast service! Much appreciated. Looking forward to doing business with you again in the future.  Have a great day!
Corey T. (USA)

Love your customer service. … [then from a follow-up email] … you do the packaging like you’re a Japanese master.
Tim N. (USA)

Hi Russ, Received the beautiful “Rod Jewelry” today — thanks! Thanks too for the free sample of a bronze micro-snake keeper. In fact, I’m thinking of using that one on my current build and putting the Dickinson keeper on another. … I really appreciate your service. Thanks again.
Charlie H. (USA)

Thank you VERY much! You have a great weekend, too!
Kelly C. (USA)

Really appreciate you guys, can’t wait to get the order! … [then from a follow-up email] The stone came out flawless on the first order, couldn’t have asked for a better one. I am also stoked on the thread sample, the color is perfect for my build. Thanks again.
Charles A. (USA)

Good Evening Russ: Just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service. Everything arrived quickly and, once again, flawlessly. It’s a pleasure ordering from you and you family. Gobble, Gobble,
Marshall G. (USA) PS – thanks for the sexy thread.

Great, thanks! … As someone who is just getting into rod building I have been really enjoying your products and posts. Thanks for everything,
Tim R. (USA)

Thank you … you are home schooling me and I am 71!
Harvey S. (USA)

…thanks for all you do in keeping the rod making craft alive.
William K. (USA)

Hi Nikki, The package arrived today so everything is perfect… 😉 Kind regards,
Ansgar W. (Germany)

Russ, I received my package today, the winding checks look awesome and will be the perfect finish to my rod. Thank you for the free Silver Snake Hook Tender, best I’ve seen and I will be using them along with your winding checks on every rod I build moving forward. I don’t build a lot, but when I do I prefer to use the best components I can find and I applaud you for manufacturing just that! Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
Matt S. (USA)

Hey Nikki and Russ, I received the reel seats yesterday. They are fantastic. The blued fittings are incredibly well done and really go well with the Dickerson walnut inserts. While not Circassian walnut, the Dickerson American Walnut from his family farm does have some really interesting markings … I couldn’t be more pleased. Cheers, Alan G. (Canada)

Hi Russ, Just a quick note to let you know that I have printed out numerous pages from your rod making for beginners. I’m building my first cane rod and found the articles very helpful. Also helpful are your ramblings. I can tell you enjoy sharing your stories and hints. … Thanks again,
Phil K. (USA)

Hey Nikki and Russ, Just wanted to thank you for going the extra mile. I picked up the bamboo yesterday and brought it across the border with zero issues… whew! … Thanks again for all the help! You guys rock!
-Jesse C. (Canada)

You have such a nice company with really great service! My 16 year old … was super excited for the little gifts of stickers and info that came with his package. Great job!
Julie P. (USA)

Thank you Russ, Arrived today, everything in perfect order, no intrusions by customs. That Hexagate guide is absolutely stunning. Glad it’s actually going on a rod for ME😁 Thanks for looking after my needs. It’s always a pleasure dealing with GW. Look forward to another order next week – have just got a couple of orders, once the details are sorted, I’ll be back for more. Thanks for the cork rings and stickers – car, boat, camper trailer.
Kindest regards to you and Nikki,
Dave B. (Australia)

Dear Russ: Just received my package-can’t believe the quick shipping-thanks for the sample [Silver Snake Hook Tender]. The Threads look great. I’ll be getting all my supplies from you from now on; I’m 83 years old so I still have a few rods left in the old tank. Thanks Again,
Ron A. (USA)

Russ, My first rod is done. Curse you for aiding me in this endeavor. I fear it may become an obsession, haha. It’s a Dickerson 8013 taper. … Thanks,
Zach L. (USA)

Hey Russ, Thanks a lot. Hope you’re doing well. Your shop has to be the coolest online shop in the world. Thanks again for your services. Have a good summer,
Colin L. (USA)

Russ, These [yellow agate, bronzed frame] guides are incredible. Thank you so much. My client is absolutely going to love them. Thanks also for the free samples. … Excited to hear from you and hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Talk to ya soon my friend,
Kurt @ Laughing Bear Outfitters (USA)

Russ, Thank you for your email. … I must give you and your business some serious kudos! Great communication and everything is very well packed. I also enjoyed all of the goodies. I’ll be ordering more stuff soon. Thanks,
Philip F. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the response, it’s even more rare [than good cork] to get a response from a human these days. … Thanks,
Kyle C. (USA)

Thanks Russ. Your customer service is incredible. … I need to order some other bits & pieces soon so I’ll be in touch.
Reece C. (Australia)

Thank you! I have tried three other [bluing solutions] from Birchwood Casey with similar results. I was hoping you had the magic potion! Your knowledge and willingness to Help is a treasure for the hobby builder. Thanks again,
Jim I. (USA)

Thanks Russ, Excellent service as always, much appreciated. Hope you had a great time on your vacation.
Art P. (USA)

Hi Russ, I received the order. Everything is good and fast. Best wishes to you and your business.
Mikhail V. (Russia)

Thanks very much Russ! Appreciate the fast service. Very best,
George M. (Romania)

Dear Russ, I have received the ferrules and the previous order for brass rod tube end caps (and the much appreciated free samples). They are all excellent and exactly what I wanted, thank you. Your site is very interesting and helpful. … Best wishes,
Paul J. (United Kingdom)

Dear Russ, Nikki, and GW team: Thanks for your generous support of the Carolina Cane Gathering in April, which was a big success. Your contributions, including the coupon I’m using here, were much appreciated.
Tom H. (USA)

Hey Russ, Thanks. I really appreciate your promptness and can’t thank you enough for all of the extras you have thrown in with my orders. Everything has worked great and your suggestions have complimented the rods I have been working on. Looking forward to continuing to do business with Golden Witch. Keep up the good work. Thanks Again,
Paul D. (USA)

Hey Russ, As always you have been a great help. Be nice if your shop was in my city so I could shake your hand. Thank you so much.
Jim H. (USA)

Man, you have great customer service…
Tim N. (USA)

Thank you very much. Great service!
Joseph H. (USA)

Russ the bamboo order arrived Monday and to say I am pleased is an understatement. The Grade A bamboo is excellent and your processing of the order and detail in shipping is outstanding. I am pleased with the added items received. I made two spinning rods for a friend who has a place on the Lake of the Ozark’s several years ago and am looking forward to building another spinning rod using the taper and classic guides. Thank you,
Doug S. (USA)

Russ, I received the guides last Saturday. Just wanted to tell you how much I like your website (a lot of good information) and the quality products you offer. I wish I would have found you a couple years ago, but just glad I found you guys now. I love those wide agate guides, I cant wait until I have the need to use one. …Thanks again,
Nick D. (USA)

Outstanding!! I commend you for such a quick response to my order. …Thank you,
Nick M. (USA)

Russ, …. I have to tell you, I love the Golden Witch mandrels! These things are awesome, I will probably trash all my other mandrels now..thanks for a quality product!
Chad F. (USA)

Hi Russ, Wow! And more wow! What a great reply. I really appreciate you taking the time and giving such detail. … Thanks again!
Randy E. (USA)

Russ – First I’d like to thank you all for really wonderful service and quality, unfortunately in today’s world it is truly unique to find people and services that take the time and effort toward the customer’s satisfaction. … Thank you again for the wonderful service you’ve provided.
Don M (USA)

Thank you so much: I got the [A Grade] bamboo and it looks great. Also got the other package [of freebies & coupons]. Thanks,
Jack B (USA)

First, thank you for the fast service. I am a member of MICHIGAN ROD BUILDERS and would like to thank you for your donations for last year’s show. One of the members has a set of your files and I have used them before, now that I have a set I will never have to try to glue sandpaper onto a rod again. Thank you for a good product.
Chuck L (USA)

Hi Russ, I received my silk thread yesterday. It’s a perfect color match! Thank You,
Pierre C. (Canada)

Hi Russ, I’ve just paid the invoice. …. Thank you very much. Great customer service! Regards,
Reece C. (Australia)

Thanks so much for the quick thread order! And, thank you for the nickel silver hook keeper. I will place it on the rod I am restoring. …. Anyway, thanks again! Tight lines
Jim D. (USA)

Hi Russ, The order arrived today – the agate guide looks as good as I hoped it would. Thanks also for the samples to try out. Best wishes,
Quentin B. (Australia)

Hi Russ, I want to thank you for the extra items, very kind of you. Received the order yesterday and its perfect. … Have a great day,
Catherine C. (Canada)

Just wanted to say thank you. Got the order and everything is perfect. You folks definitely have my business from now on. … Thank you again,
Bruce E (USA)

Hi Russ, Thank you kindly for all your help and additional items. It is always pleasure to deal with you. … Regards,
Dimitri R. (Canada)

Thank you for the Peak Bamboo care package! Funny thing, a family member has requested a bamboo spinning rod. Your gift helps that project along! You have ESP. I can hardly wait to receive my Peak Bamboo. … It’s exciting to finally have real Tonkin. … Thanks again and I look forward to a future of business with you folks.
Casey P. (USA)

Hi Russ: The replacement guides I ordered with your help, arrived, and match perfectly! Thanks,
Tony B. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much for throwing in the silk thread! I do not order much stuff, but you guys are always my first choice when it comes to ordering components. First class product and even better service!! …
Przemek B. (USA)

Hey Russ … Got your order in yesterday. To tell you the truth, I thought it was going to take much longer to receive, so I greatly appreciate your quick turnaround! The Okapi stone is absolutely gorgeous!
WOW, WOW, WOW – I love it!! Thanks for the “samples”, too. You’re too kind, my brotha. Have a wonderful weekend,
Marshall G. (USA)

Thanks Russ. That’s service! I’m making this rod for a raffle as part of the Manitoba Fly Fishers Association (MFFA) 50th Anniversary this year. … Regards,
Marcel D. (Canada)

Thanks. Love y’all’s hardware. Makes my bamboo sticks look great.
Lou S. (USA)

Russ, I just received my order of Pearsall’s AND the complimentary sample of Kimono silk you included. My sincerest thanks! It was a very generous and thoughtful gesture. Now that’s the way to do business! … You have secured a customer for life. Love the workmanship in the clever hook keeper too! Thank you and best wishes,
Mark E. (USA)

Thanks Russ, you guys are the best!
William B. (USA)

Russ, This rod is for my four year old daughter, she firmly believes a Golden Witch is bringing us purple jewelry for her bamboo fly rod! Thanks again!
Adam J. (USA)

Hello, I received my order today. I wanted to acknowledge your prompt service, manner by which items were packaged with care, and free samples of silk thread. Thank you for the aforementioned. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t approach transactions in this way. I have ordered from you before, and certainly will not hesitate in the future. Have a nice holiday!
Ron D. (USA)

Hi Russ, and gang. All I can say is WOW! I received my strippers along with the free sample thread and hook tender, and I must say, you folks are really impressive. The strippers are going to look great on the new rod I’m working on. I am ecstatic with the way they look… Thanks so much.
Gregg J. (USA)

Thanks Russ, Still been making rods … quite a few orders for rods to get to. Looking forward to seeing the reel seat!!! Thanks again for the best service in the industry. … Cheers,
Dave B. (Australia)

Russ, The moss green guides are beautiful. I am making a rod as a gift to commemorate 26 years of service to NatureBridge, a nonprofit organization that teaches environmental science. Its symbol is a green oak leaf. I am going to fashion the butt cap from a lapel pin with the green logo. The stripping guide will carry the green theme. I will use the green thread that you kindly sent to tip the wrappings. Thanks for your help. Best,
Bill K (USA)

Hi Russ, I just received my order. Everything is perfect, the packaging, fast delivery, free samples of your products. I will definitely do business with You again!
Pierre C. (Canada)

Good afternoon, Today the order arrived and I want to thank you especially for the speed and seriousness with which you treat the customers and also thank you very much for the gifts you have sent me. Thank you very much.
Luis Pablo A. (Spain)

Russ, Your communication, knowledge, products are vital to us. We are the fortunate ones. …
Thank you, Arne E. (USA)

Russ, Received the Moss Hexagate today, PERFECT!!! I am very impressed with your craftsmanship………..AS USUAL. You have been and continue to be an important part of our craft.
Thanks, Ron B. (USA)

Thank you Russ! In a day and time when all you hear is complaints, I want you do know that your service is outstanding – thank you. And, please pass my thanks on to all your folks. I hope you are doing well and having a great fall!
John B. (USA)

Again thank you so much for the impeccable service you have provided. I will be sure to spread the word to any friends building rods or looking for replacement parts to go through your company. Give a huge kudos to your staff as well they have been very nice and accommodating…. I look forward to working with your company and sourcing all my parts from you on my next rod build!
Adam H. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much…I really appreciate your guidance and expertise. This is a level of customer service that is uncommon these days and that means a lot to me as a customer. … I placed an order for the sample pack with no drying split and 6′ sections. I will start adding additional culms per your suggestion and as space allows. Once again, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend! Thanks,
Larry N. (USA)

Russ, Thank you for the fast turnaround! As a relatively new rod maker, I am thoroughly enjoying the learning/building process. I really appreciate the many “ramblings” on your site as they have provided much needed direction, clarification, and humor. Best Regards,
Justin J. (USA)

Thanks Russ! … Appreciate you getting right on this…AND free and useful advice! Obliged!
Joe B. (USA)

Hi again Russ, …the A+ grade cork is really exquisite… I greatly appreciate having your shop (and your expertise!) as a resource for sourcing and working with such lovely components! All the best,
Anton C. (USA)

Russ, You guys do it again!!!! I received my order today and once again everything is packed safe and sound and I even get free goodies!!!! You guys are top notch Russ and it’s a pleasure to do business with Golden Witch and the product is first class. Take care…
Keith K. (USA)

Russ, Just wanted to Thank you for all your help with my last order. I know you went way out of your normal routine to answer all my questions. Everything in my order was perfect and the stripping guide was beautiful. Really appreciated the free snakes– they were needed !!
THANKS for everything !!!
Keith F. (USA)

Just received the order. Everything is great. Thanks for the freebies. I’ll put them to good use. Great to see such wonderful customer service these days….
William D. (USA)

Thank you Russ, Your service has been exceptional. I am a new cane builder, enthusiast for a bit longer, but have very sterling ambitions and I hope this can be the beginning of a long and mutually exciting business relationship. Thanks again. All the best,
Connor S. (Canada)

Hey Russ, I received the guides today – they’re fantastic!!
Thanks for them and thanks also for the thread and hook tender. Warmly,
Chris B. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thanks so much for your quick turn around on my order. The stripping guide is a work of art. Best wishes for the holidays.
Tom S. (USA)

Russ, I received my last order last week and appreciate the quick delivery. More than that, the free samples were a wonderful surprise! Every time I do business with Golden Witch it is a pleasure! I see you are now starting into bamboo and I can always use bamboo! … Thank you again!
Doug S. (USA)

Thank you so much for your info. You were a pleasure to do business with.
Jeri D. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thank you very much for the extra bits you put in, very kind of you.
I am really looking forward to seeing those sweet Hexagates…I will let you know as soon as I get the parcel, and will definitely recommend you above all others to anyone interested in rodbuilding. Cheers,
Jean K. (UK)

Russ – I received my order today. WOW – the Hexagate looks fantastic!!! Thanks!!!
Jason W. (USA)

Russ, How you carry on…. Great reading. Wonder why I never saw these Ramblings before, and the depth… Wish my compulsive-obsessive disorder was as refined as yours, but with your help…
Don S. (USA)

I just received my order, yesterday. I wanted to say thank you for the samples. … I am a new customer and I will purchase more items from your store when I am building another rod. And I will inform my friends about the great service that I have received from the Golden Witch. Derek M. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so very much. What you did was more than fair. I certainly appreciate that you recognized the error I made in the order and thoughtfully took care of it. That level of customer service is why I like to shop with the smaller independently owned companies such as yours. Regards,
Michael M. (USA)

That is awesome! Thank you very much and I have nothing but great things to say about GW! Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you! God bless,
Granger H. (USA)

Thank you Russ. I collected my order today. … Immaculately packed and labelled and garnished with goodies. I am seriously impressed. Kind regards,
Ian C. (South Africa)

Good day Russ & Nikki, I received my order in good condition today. Thank you very much for all the effort that went into the packaging. It is highly appreciated. I am ecstatic. Thanks a lot for the few surprises included. All of the items are of the highest standard and it is going to contribute to a great looking high standard bamboo fly rod. Receiving this package made my day. Have a wonderful day. Kind regards,
Martin M. (South Africa)

Hi Guys, Thanks once again for the speedy and informative process. You guys are exceptional. Cheers,
Aidan M. (Australia)

Thank you sir … I want to tell you that the blued agatine stripper & check are gorgeous.
Paul G. (USA)

Thank you Russ. Your stripping guide is indeed very nice. … It is a pleasure to receive a guide that looks so very nice and can be wrapped without additional work on the feet. Regards,
Boyd S. (USA)

… Love the personal service you guys do. Looks like just a neat old mill, what a great business move. Looks perfect. Thanks again,
Mike B. (USA)

Russ, … I wish you understood how important and appreciated I am feeling by all the advice and instructions you have given to me. … I am indebted to you on all the knowledge and help you have bestowed upon me and I wish we were a bit closer to see your shop. Take care. (second email) Thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge. … And if I encounter any new problems I will fire off an email to you. Again thank you very much and I wish a larger number of businesses would follow your lead for service and advice.
Keith K. (USA)

I am blown away with the (Classic Wide Bull’s Blood Agate Stripping Guide) you made for me. It is truly a work of art. I am really glad I decided to upgrade for this rod!
Jim I. (USA)

Russ, Thank you for the most helpful reply…. The olive agate stripper arrived earlier this week and is already wrapped and epoxied to the olive Epic 686. The olive(moss) guide looks perfect! on the rod. Another good call on your part. As always, thank you,
John R. (USA)

Thanks Russ – I wish I enjoyed doing business with everyone as much as I do with you!
John B. (USA)

Wow, wow, wow – what fantastic advice! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
Paul F. (USA)

Dear Russ, Thank you very much. Just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job with the website and customer service. All the Best,
Colin L. (USA)

That agate looks great Russ!! … Thanks for the quick shipment. … Been great doing business with you and your products are well built and beautiful. So thank you.
Eric S. (USA)

Hey Russ, Thank you very much for your personal attention. Glad I found y’all and look forward to future orders.
Greg A. (USA)

Hey Russ, I received the order and all of the components look great!!! I am really excited to start my new rod projects! … I look forward to doing future business with you.
Landon R. (USA)

Hi Russ, I picked up the package from the post office on the way home from work today. You’re an absolute legend, thank you. You have earned another fiercely loyal customer. Regards,
Shaun F. (South Africa)

Thanks Russ! As you know, from the amount that I have ordered, I love your guides! Thanks again,
Dean M. (USA)

Hi Russ,
The quality is excellent, the selection is great, and the service exceptional! … Take care and thanks again!
Mike S. (USA)

Russ, Thanks so much for your excellent customer service! I am finally reaching the final stages on the making of my first two bamboo fly rods. Your prompt fulfillment of my orders has really helped in this project. Again, much thanks!
Ken C. (USA)

Russ, thank you for awesome service and communication. There are a hundred places online to buy components and tools to work on cane rods but you’ve stood well above and beyond. Already looking for my next project!!!
Dave C. (USA)

Russ … Everything looks outstanding! Great quality and craftsmanship. Thanks also for the extras! I will certainly be back when it comes time to build up another rod. Thanks again,
Ian D. (USA)

Hi Russ, I received the winding check and it will be perfect and look great on the rod…Thank you very much. You are always helpful.
Jim H. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much! I look forward to experimenting with the different burnishers. I really like your products and will continue ordering from you for my future rods. Thanks!
Ben F. (USA)

Russ, Had a chance last night to get a good look at my jewelry. It all is gorgeous to say the least. The rods will certainly be special. Now I can’t wait to get the rods started. Thanks so much for the extras….Your jewelry lifts rod building to a new level. Thanks,
Dan S. (USA)

Thanks Russ. The guide looks super! Thanks for doing it so quickly. It will look great on the rod.
Dean P. (USA)

Hi Russ, Wow! That (low frame agate stripper) is a real beauty! That would make any rod proud!
Thanks for keeping me updated on the order…as always your customer service is exemplary! Thanks,
Rob B. (USA)

Russ, Got my order and wanted to thank you. Everything was top-shelf, arrived quickly, and complete. Even a sticker and sample! You guys continue to rock!
Dave C. (USA)

Hi! This (pair of guides) is stunning!! Thank you Russ!
Johan S. (Sweden)

Thanks Nikki. It’s been very pleasant doing business with you!
Brett S. (USA)

Oooh nice Russ 🙂 The stripping ring is going onto an Epic 580 in amber…I only hope the quality of my wraps can do it justice…Thanks very much…Cheers,
Nick E. (United Kingdom)

Russ, I’m impressed with your promptness. I can’t wait to affix your Payne cloned reel seat to my new bamboo clone flyrod.
Lou S. (USA)

Hi Russ, Very nice and elegant [Hexagate] stripping guide! Best regards,
Marco G. (Italy)

Hello Russ, Thank you, sir! I’m new to building bamboo rods. The learning curve is pretty steep, and I’m loving it. Thanks for taking care of the order, and your kind words. Very respectfully,
Tim D. (USA)

Your company is amazing, thank you so much. You will be well represented by me simply as a customer, but also as an advocate for small, family-owned businesses that are tough to find these days. Your customer service is second to none. Thank you, your donation is greatly appreciated!!!!
Jed Hamberger and the Lock Haven University Fly Fishing Club

I must say, you ladies and gentlemen are awesome.
Tim C. (USA)

Thanks for the excellent service and great products!!
Matt S. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the swift processing, great service as usual! Cheers,
Jacob P. (USA)

My goodness Russ, I thought I was a bit odd sending an order to you [so] late…, but you replied before most of this continent was awake this morning. Thank you….By the way, you cut bait with panache. And that is just as important as all the rest. If the bait ain’t right, the fish don’t bite! Cheers,
Malcolm B. (Canada)

Russ, Order came in great! Impressed with the careful packaging.
Thanks for the cork samples, too. Nice touch….Warm regards,
Don S. (USA)

Hi Russ,Those cap sets are really nice!!!…Thanks,
Bryant M. (USA)

Russ, Just wanted to drop you a line about the Kimono silk thread I got from you. On the first line I made I used YLI, worked out ok. When I started making the second line with the Kimono thread, I noticed that the thread’s diameter was more uniform and did not have any knots where the thread was joined when it was spooled. It took two tries, but with the Kimono thread, I was able to reduce the length of the line 15% which resulted in a tighter furl….The Kimono thread is “the bomb” for furled silk lines!…(second email)…By all means, quote me regarding the quality of the Kimono thread. While most folks probably would not notice the uniform diameter, when you run 2400 feet through your fingers making a line…you notice!
Daniel K. (USA)

Thanks Russ, The guide looks spectacular….(second email)…the package arrived today, all was intact.
The guide looks perfect…Thank you for the prompt service and the couple of surprise extras in the pack. Regards,
Norm K. (Australia)

Hello Russ, hello Nikki,
Picked up the [CSE] ferrules today from my local post office. They are really fine, almost art, compared to my own crude creations produced on a tiny lathe for model makers. But that`s history now. Big thank you for your service and the free samples. The Arcane ferrule looks fine too and will be used next winter…Thank you very much again and best regards,
Georg F. (Germany)

Hi Russ,
Thanks again so much for your help and super service! I appreciate the tipping advice too…Again, very appreciated – have a great day!
Mike C. (USA)

It’s situations like the Pearsall’s thread colors that make Golden Witch and you so important to the rod making community. Keep up the good work!!
Jim I. (USA)

Russ & Nikki,
Love the new site, Great work. Looking forward to getting back home and putting the finishing touches on a couple of vintage rods I saved from the trash heap!! Keep up the great work, service, and attitude.
Marty L. (USA)

I got my order a couple days ago…The ACW British style hook tenders look great, I like the single foot design. Thanks again.
Chris A. (USA)

Everything arrived today Russ. Thank you very much. Great quality and service as usual.
Bob G. (USA)

You and Drake have a gift. The craft is amazing…Gorgeous work.
Joey M. (USA)

Hi Russ,
Again thank you for your follow up. … You are a wealth of information. I am just starting to build my own bamboo rods and have too much fun.
Fidel R. (USA)

Gday Russ.
Many thanks for the goods and 2 little surprises. Arrived today.  Now I can get that rod finished.
David H. (Australia)

Very pretty stripper….Thanks again for your great service and attn. to detail.
Doug H. (USA)

I really appreciate all your care and comments. I think we’ve totally been on the same page or darn close!…(second email) stripper is perfect!
Chris T. (USA)

Hi Russ,
Thank you very much for the great communication about my order and also for the information.
Spring is just around the bend so it is time to get this bit of cane finished!
Robert G. (USA)

Wow that’s a beautiful guide !!
I really enjoy ordering from your company.
You guys are the best !!
My fly rod is turning out so nice with the top quality components I have received from you.
Thanks so much !!
Bryant M (USA)

Hi Nikki,
Thanks for the DVD. From what I have experienced to date, dealing with Golden Witch is an absolute pleasure.
Keep up the good work….(second email) Hi Russ, I am really pleased at the quality of the components, and stoked at the free samples you included. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
Barry K. (South Africa)