Our Customers Say…

Some quotes from recent emails we have received…

Thank you for the Peak Bamboo care package! Funny thing, a family member has requested a bamboo spinning rod. Your gift helps that project along! You have ESP. I can hardly wait to receive my Peak Bamboo. … It’s exciting to finally have real Tonkin. … Thanks again and I look forward to a future of business with you folks.
Casey P. (USA)

Hi Russ: The replacement guides I ordered with your help, arrived, and match perfectly! Thanks,
Tony B. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much for throwing in the silk thread! I do not order much stuff, but you guys are always my first choice when it comes to ordering components. First class product and even better service!! …
Przemek B. (USA)

Hey Russ … Got your order in yesterday. To tell you the truth, I thought it was going to take much longer to receive, so I greatly appreciate your quick turnaround! The Okapi stone is absolutely gorgeous!
WOW, WOW, WOW – I love it!! Thanks for the “samples”, too. You’re too kind, my brotha. Have a wonderful weekend,
Marshall G. (USA)

Thanks Russ. That’s service! I’m making this rod for a raffle as part of the Manitoba Fly Fishers Association (MFFA) 50th Anniversary this year. … Regards,
Marcel D. (Canada)

Thanks. Love y’all’s hardware. Makes my bamboo sticks look great.
Lou S. (USA)

Russ, I just received my order of Pearsall’s AND the complimentary sample of Kimono silk you included. My sincerest thanks! It was a very generous and thoughtful gesture. Now that’s the way to do business! … You have secured a customer for life. Love the workmanship in the clever hook keeper too! Thank you and best wishes,
Mark E. (USA)

Thanks Russ, you guys are the best!
William B. (USA)

Russ, This rod is for my four year old daughter, she firmly believes a Golden Witch is bringing us purple jewelry for her bamboo fly rod! Thanks again!
Adam J. (USA)

Hello, I received my order today. I wanted to acknowledge your prompt service, manner by which items were packaged with care, and free samples of silk thread. Thank you for the aforementioned. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t approach transactions in this way. I have ordered from you before, and certainly will not hesitate in the future. Have a nice holiday!
Ron D. (USA)

Hi Russ, and gang. All I can say is WOW! I received my strippers along with the free sample thread and hook tender, and I must say, you folks are really impressive. The strippers are going to look great on the new rod I’m working on. I am ecstatic with the way they look… Thanks so much.
Gregg J. (USA)

Thanks Russ, Still been making rods … quite a few orders for rods to get to. Looking forward to seeing the reel seat!!! Thanks again for the best service in the industry. … Cheers,
Dave B. (Australia)

Russ, The moss green guides are beautiful. I am making a rod as a gift to commemorate 26 years of service to NatureBridge, a nonprofit organization that teaches environmental science. Its symbol is a green oak leaf. I am going to fashion the butt cap from a lapel pin with the green logo. The stripping guide will carry the green theme. I will use the green thread that you kindly sent to tip the wrappings. Thanks for your help. Best,
Bill K (USA)

Hi Russ, I just received my order. Everything is perfect, the packaging, fast delivery, free samples of your products. I will definitely do business with You again!
Pierre C. (Canada)

Good afternoon, Today the order arrived and I want to thank you especially for the speed and seriousness with which you treat the customers and also thank you very much for the gifts you have sent me. Thank you very much.
Luis Pablo A. (Spain)

Russ, Your communication, knowledge, products are vital to us. We are the fortunate ones. …
Thank you, Arne E. (USA)

Russ, Received the Moss Hexagate today, PERFECT!!! I am very impressed with your craftsmanship………..AS USUAL. You have been and continue to be an important part of our craft.
Thanks, Ron B. (USA)

Thank you Russ! In a day and time when all you hear is complaints, I want you do know that your service is outstanding – thank you. And, please pass my thanks on to all your folks. I hope you are doing well and having a great fall!
John B. (USA)

Again thank you so much for the impeccable service you have provided. I will be sure to spread the word to any friends building rods or looking for replacement parts to go through your company. Give a huge kudos to your staff as well they have been very nice and accommodating…. I look forward to working with your company and sourcing all my parts from you on my next rod build!
Adam H. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much…I really appreciate your guidance and expertise. This is a level of customer service that is uncommon these days and that means a lot to me as a customer. … I placed an order for the sample pack with no drying split and 6′ sections. I will start adding additional culms per your suggestion and as space allows. Once again, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. Have a great weekend! Thanks,
Larry N. (USA)

Russ, Thank you for the fast turnaround! As a relatively new rod maker, I am thoroughly enjoying the learning/building process. I really appreciate the many “ramblings” on your site as they have provided much needed direction, clarification, and humor. Best Regards,
Justin J. (USA)

Thanks Russ! … Appreciate you getting right on this…AND free and useful advice! Obliged!
Joe B. (USA)

Hi again Russ, …the A+ grade cork is really exquisite… I greatly appreciate having your shop (and your expertise!) as a resource for sourcing and working with such lovely components! All the best,
Anton C. (USA)

Russ, You guys do it again!!!! I received my order today and once again everything is packed safe and sound and I even get free goodies!!!! You guys are top notch Russ and it’s a pleasure to do business with Golden Witch and the product is first class. Take care…
Keith K. (USA)

Russ, Just wanted to Thank you for all your help with my last order. I know you went way out of your normal routine to answer all my questions. Everything in my order was perfect and the stripping guide was beautiful. Really appreciated the free snakes– they were needed !!
THANKS for everything !!!
Keith F. (USA)

Just received the order. Everything is great. Thanks for the freebies. I’ll put them to good use. Great to see such wonderful customer service these days….
William D. (USA)

Thank you Russ, Your service has been exceptional. I am a new cane builder, enthusiast for a bit longer, but have very sterling ambitions and I hope this can be the beginning of a long and mutually exciting business relationship. Thanks again. All the best,
Connor S. (Canada)

Hey Russ, I received the guides today – they’re fantastic!!
Thanks for them and thanks also for the thread and hook tender. Warmly,
Chris B. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thanks so much for your quick turn around on my order. The stripping guide is a work of art. Best wishes for the holidays.
Tom S. (USA)

Russ, I received my last order last week and appreciate the quick delivery. More than that, the free samples were a wonderful surprise! Every time I do business with Golden Witch it is a pleasure! I see you are now starting into bamboo and I can always use bamboo! … Thank you again!
Doug S. (USA)

Thank you so much for your info. You were a pleasure to do business with.
Jeri D. (USA)

Hi Russ, Thank you very much for the extra bits you put in, very kind of you.
I am really looking forward to seeing those sweet Hexagates…I will let you know as soon as I get the parcel, and will definitely recommend you above all others to anyone interested in rodbuilding. Cheers,
Jean K. (UK)

Russ – I received my order today. WOW – the Hexagate looks fantastic!!! Thanks!!!
Jason W. (USA)

Russ, How you carry on…. Great reading. Wonder why I never saw these Ramblings before, and the depth… Wish my compulsive-obsessive disorder was as refined as yours, but with your help…
Don S. (USA)

I just received my order, yesterday. I wanted to say thank you for the samples. … I am a new customer and I will purchase more items from your store when I am building another rod. And I will inform my friends about the great service that I have received from the Golden Witch. Derek M. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so very much. What you did was more than fair. I certainly appreciate that you recognized the error I made in the order and thoughtfully took care of it. That level of customer service is why I like to shop with the smaller independently owned companies such as yours. Regards,
Michael M. (USA)

That is awesome! Thank you very much and I have nothing but great things to say about GW! Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with you! God bless,
Granger H. (USA)

Thank you Russ. I collected my order today. … Immaculately packed and labelled and garnished with goodies. I am seriously impressed. Kind regards,
Ian C. (South Africa)

Good day Russ & Nikki, I received my order in good condition today. Thank you very much for all the effort that went into the packaging. It is highly appreciated. I am ecstatic. Thanks a lot for the few surprises included. All of the items are of the highest standard and it is going to contribute to a great looking high standard bamboo fly rod. Receiving this package made my day. Have a wonderful day. Kind regards,
Martin M. (South Africa)

Hi Guys, Thanks once again for the speedy and informative process. You guys are exceptional. Cheers,
Aidan M. (Australia)

Thank you sir … I want to tell you that the blued agatine stripper & check are gorgeous.
Paul G. (USA)

Thank you Russ. Your stripping guide is indeed very nice. … It is a pleasure to receive a guide that looks so very nice and can be wrapped without additional work on the feet. Regards,
Boyd S. (USA)

… Love the personal service you guys do. Looks like just a neat old mill, what a great business move. Looks perfect. Thanks again,
Mike B. (USA)

Russ, … I wish you understood how important and appreciated I am feeling by all the advice and instructions you have given to me. … I am indebted to you on all the knowledge and help you have bestowed upon me and I wish we were a bit closer to see your shop. Take care. (second email) Thank you so much for the wealth of knowledge. … And if I encounter any new problems I will fire off an email to you. Again thank you very much and I wish a larger number of businesses would follow your lead for service and advice.
Keith K. (USA)

I am blown away with the (Classic Wide Bull’s Blood Agate Stripping Guide) you made for me. It is truly a work of art. I am really glad I decided to upgrade for this rod!
Jim I. (USA)

Russ, Thank you for the most helpful reply…. The olive agate stripper arrived earlier this week and is already wrapped and epoxied to the olive Epic 686. The olive(moss) guide looks perfect! on the rod. Another good call on your part. As always, thank you,
John R. (USA)

Thanks Russ – I wish I enjoyed doing business with everyone as much as I do with you!
John B. (USA)

Wow, wow, wow – what fantastic advice! Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.
Paul F. (USA)

Dear Russ, Thank you very much. Just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job with the website and customer service. All the Best,
Colin L. (USA)

That agate looks great Russ!! … Thanks for the quick shipment. … Been great doing business with you and your products are well built and beautiful. So thank you.
Eric S. (USA)

Hey Russ, Thank you very much for your personal attention. Glad I found y’all and look forward to future orders.
Greg A. (USA)

Hey Russ, I received the order and all of the components look great!!! I am really excited to start my new rod projects! … I look forward to doing future business with you.
Landon R. (USA)

Hi Russ, I picked up the package from the post office on the way home from work today. You’re an absolute legend, thank you. You have earned another fiercely loyal customer. Regards,
Shaun F. (South Africa)

Thanks Russ! As you know, from the amount that I have ordered, I love your guides! Thanks again,
Dean M. (USA)

Hi Russ,
The quality is excellent, the selection is great, and the service exceptional! … Take care and thanks again!
Mike S. (USA)

Russ, Thanks so much for your excellent customer service! I am finally reaching the final stages on the making of my first two bamboo fly rods. Your prompt fulfillment of my orders has really helped in this project. Again, much thanks!
Ken C. (USA)

Russ, thank you for awesome service and communication. There are a hundred places online to buy components and tools to work on cane rods but you’ve stood well above and beyond. Already looking for my next project!!!
Dave C. (USA)

Russ … Everything looks outstanding! Great quality and craftsmanship. Thanks also for the extras! I will certainly be back when it comes time to build up another rod. Thanks again,
Ian D. (USA)

Hi Russ, I received the winding check and it will be perfect and look great on the rod…Thank you very much. You are always helpful.
Jim H. (USA)

Russ, Thank you so much! I look forward to experimenting with the different burnishers. I really like your products and will continue ordering from you for my future rods. Thanks!
Ben F. (USA)

Russ, Had a chance last night to get a good look at my jewelry. It all is gorgeous to say the least. The rods will certainly be special. Now I can’t wait to get the rods started. Thanks so much for the extras….Your jewelry lifts rod building to a new level. Thanks,
Dan S. (USA)

Thanks Russ. The guide looks super! Thanks for doing it so quickly. It will look great on the rod.
Dean P. (USA)

Hi Russ, Wow! That (low frame agate stripper) is a real beauty! That would make any rod proud!
Thanks for keeping me updated on the order…as always your customer service is exemplary! Thanks,
Rob B. (USA)

Russ, Got my order and wanted to thank you. Everything was top-shelf, arrived quickly, and complete. Even a sticker and sample! You guys continue to rock!
Dave C. (USA)

Hi! This (pair of guides) is stunning!! Thank you Russ!
Johan S. (Sweden)

Thanks Nikki. It’s been very pleasant doing business with you!
Brett S. (USA)

Oooh nice Russ 🙂 The stripping ring is going onto an Epic 580 in amber…I only hope the quality of my wraps can do it justice…Thanks very much…Cheers,
Nick E. (United Kingdom)

Russ, I’m impressed with your promptness. I can’t wait to affix your Payne cloned reel seat to my new bamboo clone flyrod.
Lou S. (USA)

Hi Russ, Very nice and elegant [Hexagate] stripping guide! Best regards,
Marco G. (Italy)

Hello Russ, Thank you, sir! I’m new to building bamboo rods. The learning curve is pretty steep, and I’m loving it. Thanks for taking care of the order, and your kind words. Very respectfully,
Tim D. (USA)

Your company is amazing, thank you so much. You will be well represented by me simply as a customer, but also as an advocate for small, family-owned businesses that are tough to find these days. Your customer service is second to none. Thank you, your donation is greatly appreciated!!!!
Jed Hamberger and the Lock Haven University Fly Fishing Club

I must say, you ladies and gentlemen are awesome.
Tim C. (USA)

Thanks for the excellent service and great products!!
Matt S. (USA)

Russ, Thanks for the swift processing, great service as usual! Cheers,
Jacob P. (USA)

My goodness Russ, I thought I was a bit odd sending an order to you [so] late…, but you replied before most of this continent was awake this morning. Thank you….By the way, you cut bait with panache. And that is just as important as all the rest. If the bait ain’t right, the fish don’t bite! Cheers,
Malcolm B. (Canada)

Russ, Order came in great! Impressed with the careful packaging.
Thanks for the cork samples, too. Nice touch….Warm regards,
Don S. (USA)

Hi Russ,Those cap sets are really nice!!!…Thanks,
Bryant M. (USA)

Russ, Just wanted to drop you a line about the Kimono silk thread I got from you. On the first line I made I used YLI, worked out ok. When I started making the second line with the Kimono thread, I noticed that the thread’s diameter was more uniform and did not have any knots where the thread was joined when it was spooled. It took two tries, but with the Kimono thread, I was able to reduce the length of the line 15% which resulted in a tighter furl….The Kimono thread is “the bomb” for furled silk lines!…(second email)…By all means, quote me regarding the quality of the Kimono thread. While most folks probably would not notice the uniform diameter, when you run 2400 feet through your fingers making a line…you notice!
Daniel K. (USA)

Thanks Russ, The guide looks spectacular….(second email)…the package arrived today, all was intact.
The guide looks perfect…Thank you for the prompt service and the couple of surprise extras in the pack. Regards,
Norm K. (Australia)

Hello Russ, hello Nikki,
Picked up the [CSE] ferrules today from my local post office. They are really fine, almost art, compared to my own crude creations produced on a tiny lathe for model makers. But that`s history now. Big thank you for your service and the free samples. The Arcane ferrule looks fine too and will be used next winter…Thank you very much again and best regards,
Georg F. (Germany)

Hi Russ,
Thanks again so much for your help and super service! I appreciate the tipping advice too…Again, very appreciated – have a great day!
Mike C. (USA)

It’s situations like the Pearsall’s thread colors that make Golden Witch and you so important to the rod making community. Keep up the good work!!
Jim I. (USA)

Russ & Nikki,
Love the new site, Great work. Looking forward to getting back home and putting the finishing touches on a couple of vintage rods I saved from the trash heap!! Keep up the great work, service, and attitude.
Marty L. (USA)

I got my order a couple days ago…The ACW British style hook tenders look great, I like the single foot design. Thanks again.
Chris A. (USA)

Everything arrived today Russ. Thank you very much. Great quality and service as usual.
Bob G. (USA)

You and Drake have a gift. The craft is amazing…Gorgeous work.
Joey M. (USA)

Hi Russ,
Again thank you for your follow up. … You are a wealth of information. I am just starting to build my own bamboo rods and have too much fun.
Fidel R. (USA)

Gday Russ.
Many thanks for the goods and 2 little surprises. Arrived today.  Now I can get that rod finished.
David H. (Australia)

Very pretty stripper….Thanks again for your great service and attn. to detail.
Doug H. (USA)

I really appreciate all your care and comments. I think we’ve totally been on the same page or darn close!…(second email) stripper is perfect!
Chris T. (USA)

Hi Russ,
Thank you very much for the great communication about my order and also for the information.
Spring is just around the bend so it is time to get this bit of cane finished!
Robert G. (USA)

Wow that’s a beautiful guide !!
I really enjoy ordering from your company.
You guys are the best !!
My fly rod is turning out so nice with the top quality components I have received from you.
Thanks so much !!
Bryant M (USA)

Hi Nikki,
Thanks for the DVD. From what I have experienced to date, dealing with Golden Witch is an absolute pleasure.
Keep up the good work….(second email) Hi Russ, I am really pleased at the quality of the components, and stoked at the free samples you included. Thank you, I really appreciate it.
Barry K. (South Africa)