Friends of GW

The Friends of Golden Witch page is a place where you can find contact info for folks across, and outside, our industry.  Generally speaking, if an individual or company lands a spot here, we have some sort of reciprocal relationship, but not necessarily a financial one.  Since we’re just launching this page, it’s nearly empty, but it will fill over time.  For example, we support a lot of rodmaking groups, but we don’t have many listed yet.



Rod & Image by Chris Carlin

Rod & Image by Chris Carlin

Hobbyist or Professional, if you use Golden Witch or Arcane components, tools, and so forth – and if you advertise this fact on your website, please let us know.  We’ll work up a reciprocal link.


Chris Carlin, Maker.  Far North Rodsmiths. Chris Carlin has been making bamboo rods professionally for over a decade based out of his small shop located in Anchorage, Alaska. He makes both rods and blanks utilizing custom designed or classic tapers in hexagonal and quadrate configurations.


These gentlemen are the go-to fellows if you need a venerable old rod restored.  When I discover a lady restorationist, I’ll put her at the top of the list – ladies first! – and I’ll change the wording on this preface.

Michael Sinclair’s Cane Clinic.  Michael makes the famous Color Guard color preserver which we now sell on the Golden Witch website.  If you need the book on rod restoration, please contact Michael through his website.  You’ll be seeking The Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook.


References & Journals

The Planing Form. TPF is now on the web at . This is THE print journal for bamboo rod enthusiasts in the US, and there’s plenty within each issue to tempt overseas makers and anglers, too. You can contact the editor, Kirk Brumels, at, or you can mail him the old fashioned way at: P.O. Box 131, Macatawa, MI 49434, USA.


Groups We Support

If we support your group and you’re not listed, please kick us.  If you’d like us to support you with a donation, we’ll give you a hint if you want to be considered: we are bombarded with donation requests and there’s only so much we can give away and still remain in business so we can make future donations…and here’s the hint….personal notes are the ones that make it past Nikki’s trash can and onto Russ’s desk for consideration.  It also helps if the person making the request is a client.  It helps even more if the group is Devoted (note the capital D) to rodmaking.  If we’ve helped your group on the past and members of your group have reached out to say “thanks!,” well, trust us, that means a lot.  And to put “bombarded” in perspective, we receive more donation requests by mail each week than we receive orders by mail (thankfully, there’s the internet for most orders).  Everyone wants free stuff.  We do our level best to be generous within certain sustainable limits.


Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum

Lockhaven University Fly Fishing Club

The Southern Rodmakers Gathering

Rodmakers at Grayrock

Colorado Rodmakers Reunion

The Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum

Cressy Cane