Customer Images

See what other romakers and anglers are doing with GW products. Get inspired! If you’d like us to post something you’ve created, please email one or two high resolution images – your best shots of your best work – that clearly feature Golden Witch, Arcane Component Works, and/or Peak Bamboo products. Please share your name as you’d like us to publish it (e.g. full name, first name last initial, etc.) and ONE bit of contact information if you’d like potential clients to be able to reach out to you…an email address or a rodmaking website URL if you own the URL. We do not promise to publish any image and we only pop images up as we have time, so please be generous with your expectations. If a hundred of you creative artisans send us emails tomorrow, only one or two sets of pics are going up simply because time is limited. Please take no offense and try again later. If you can manage to get a picture with a beautiful fish and one of our new Hydro-Welded Guides that is clearly visible, we just might move that picture to the front of the website. Consider that an invitation, though not a contest; there might be some sort of reward for sharing the image.

Russ Amato is making fancy tackle in Idaho. You can reach him through his Etsy Storefront at CustomRodsbyRuss or by email at:

Russ says, “Please note that the Fish Art work on the cork grip is done by Tim Johnson , an artist I use for some handle builds. He makes some fantastic art on grips, do a search on Timmy Grip. So he did just the art and I do everything else on the Grip , reel seats and Fighting butts.”

“The Chevron CrossWrap provided is my best work in my opinion, although I have done much more complex Double Diamond plus Chevron & Split diamond patterns. Sometimes simpler patterns work best! I used mostly Kimono Rust colored thread, you know which one, your favorite also.”

Here’s a rod by Trevor Sheehan at Elevate Flyfishing ( and he’s using one of our new Hydro-Welded Guides.

"A replacement Agatine on a vintage reel" by Fung C.

Imagine what you might accomplish using our vintage parts!

Two Of Our Shop-Made Hydro-Welded Stripping Guides, Both 12mm Moss With Rope Twisted Precious Silver Bezels – One In A Heavy Duty “Guide” Weight Frame & One In A Standard Frame.