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Hey Folks, We’re back at work again and will be in the shop for the next month or so. Our next closure is tentatively scheduled for October 23th – November 2nd, but is subject to change. We will be closed for a short Thanksgiving break from November 25th – November 29th. Drake and I are making slow but steady progress on the The Atelier lessons. Over the break we finished shooting video for the first component lesson (which also has a PDF instruction sheet that will be longer than most at 30+ pages). I’ve written drafts of the first two Restoration lesson PDFs – Mapping The Rod & Surveying The Rod. Drake & I plan to begin shooting these videos shortly. My goal is to finish up about a half dozen lessons completely before we go live with The Atelier, then Drake & I will continue adding at least one video lesson & PDF per month. I’m not sure how long it will take for Drake to edit these first six videos, but when he’s finished we’ll post a page about The Atelier with links to the new website. Thanks for your patience. It’s a far bigger project than either of us imagined, perhaps because I write too much. -Russ

Hey folks, I up-dated the “About GW” page on April 30th, 2020.  If you’re familiar with the website, you know how it goes.  Once I start typing, I tend to keep typing.  It’s a disease.  The new “About” text gives some sense for where GW is headed next.  By year’s end there will be a range of new guides.  Beyond that?  Who knows where the new tools will lead.  Perhaps to a new video subscription channel.  You can read more about the guides, here.

Missing A Response???


If you wrote to us and you think we ignored your email, please check your spam or junk file.  An inordinate amount of our email responses have gone astray recently and folks think we’ve ignored them.  We haven’t.  Seems like the newest iterations of the spam filters are coded to reject wiccan communications, or anything which seems like a dark message, so the “witch” in Golden Witch is routing emails to the trash.  Or something like that.  We DO NOT ignore emails, though we don’t respond during shop closures.  If you’re still certain we missed something, maybe we did…please resend your message to our address and through our contact form, and be sure to send us two email addresses that we can use to reach back to you.  Also, please be sure you type your email address(es) correctly; it’s tough for us to get in touch with a person if they happen to mis-spell their own name or if they key in or @comcast.con.  Admittedly, we can usually figure out how to reach you if an email to bounces back, but if there are instances that befuddle us entirely.  Please don’t befuddle us and then cast aspersions in our direction when we don’t respond to your email.

PLEASE do not email us orders for regularly available webstore items; we politely request that all orders be placed through the website as this saves us a fair amount of precious time.  Please do not request discounts on shipping; we do offer free shipping on domestic small parts orders over $500.00.  Please do not ask us to combine orders; each order placed, even if they’re five minutes apart, will treated as a separate order.  We sincerely appreciate your business, but we cannot make exceptions to the several rules that allow us to function as a very lightly staffed shop.

We have not yet secured a bamboo warehouse over in Columbia, PA, so our bamboo remains in Ephrata, PA – and it will remain on sale at our lowest prices ever until we get it moved.  Take advantage of our BOO-VING SALE prices.

Thanks to everyone for your understanding, patience, and support!


While we ask that you do not send an order for regularly stocked, webstore-available items to us by email (because this is incredibly time consuming and we are always behind the eight ball on time), we welcome your emails concerning special order items.  If you want Jewelry Grade parts, please email us.  If you want us to craft a batch of custom stone guides using jade or agate rings you had a lapidary artist cut from fancy rocks you discovered while fishing, please email us (as a head’s up, email us before you have the rings cut and we can provide samples and specs for your lap artist; absolute minimum of ten identical guides, which means you must ship us at least twenty stone rings).  If you need non-serrated ferrules in any of the regularly stocked, tube & solder ferrule styles, please email us with the ferrule style, size, and whole or half set, and we’ll bring them into the shop with our next order.  If you need to match a vintage guide for a restoration, please email us.  If you are a first time rodmaker and need help picking components for your first rod or two, please email us….in this case we’ll help you pick components which you can then order through the webstore.  We do our very best to be helpful, while still being efficient.  Please bear in mind that, just like custom crafted and crafted-to-order items, special order items are 100% non-returnable and non-refundable.  Thanks!

Please use our email form for simple inquiries.  Oh, and only wear shoes that fit (that is to say, this next bit probably doesn’t apply to you).  Yes, I’m about to repeat myself.  Before you, by which we mean someone else, write regarding one statistically favored topic, please understand that when we say with utmost politeness, “No, we will not reduce the shipping fees for your tiny order,” we actually mean this.  I hate having to put this in print, but folks keep writing and requesting discounts, so I’m going to write back with this blunt question: if an individual orders one spool of silk, or a single tiptop, do you think we actually earn a profit on that order?  No, we don’t.  Please don’t ask us to cut the shipping fees on an order that is already painfully small.  That should fend off all those questions in advance.  If it helps, we promise that we didn’t give a discount to the gal who ordered before you, and we promise we won’t give a discount to the fellow who orders after you.  All those other folks with a bin on our packing bench paid standard GW shipping rates.  If you’re curious about our shipping fees, please read our Shipping Terms & Conditions info, which you can find here.  If you’re the sort who wants to know, with the owl, how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop, and if your curiosity is also driving you to know how many requests for discounted shipping it took to prompt this message, I’ll tell you.  Thousands.  Over a period of almost twenty years.  But it was the four in the last few days prior to typing this that got me off my duff, sort of the final crunch that prematurely exposed my sweet, gooey interior.

To balance all of the above, I’ve been convinced to give FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING a try.  Sorry, this does not apply to international orders due to ghastly shipping & insurance rates.  If you want to stock up and fill your own bins with spare parts, or plan ahead and pick up a couple rods’ worth of components at one time, we’ll help you save money with free shipping on small part orders totaling over $500.00 in merchandise after any coupons are applied.  There are some restrictions, so please read the Shipping Rates, Terms, & Conditions page before you get too excited.  Bamboo never ships for free.  Neither do big and/or heavy tools.  Free domestic shipping is geared toward small piles of guides, ferrules, cork, silks, and that sort of thing.

If you’re not a spammer trying increase our organic SEO or otherwise needlessly filling our in-box, by all means please do write with product questions, tech questions, web site comments (you are our source of info for glitchy web pages…tell us and we’ll get the glitch fixed!), and so forth.  Also, please be patient.  We typically respond to emails early each business morning, so if you write mid-day on Friday you might not hear back from us until Monday.  If the shop is closed, you might not hear back for a week or so.  Please check the front page of the website for shop closure dates.  Thanks so much for your business, your understanding, your patience, and your kindness!

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Please have reasonable expectations about response time.  (Watch as we repeat ourselves.) We try to respond to emails each business morning, Monday through Friday, before heading into the shop. If you email us after our round of email responses on Friday morning, it is very likely you will not hear from us until Monday morning. Please be patient with us. Like you, we have families and we each try to spend a portion of the weekend with our spouses and/or kids. There may be exceptions. If someone is working over the weekend, you might receive an email response, but please understand this is the exception and not the rule.

Phone: We have no phone in the GW shop.  Also, Russ does not own or carry a cell phone.  Golden Witch is an e-commerce company.  Email is, and will remain, the ONLY mode of communication for Golden Witch, in large part because we can email you back between 4- 7 AM, most weekdays, prior to heading into the shop for the day.  Also, as more and more folks have been requesting tech info, please understand that you must email if you have tech questions.  The written response you receive will most likely form the basis for a future “ramble” on this site, or a quick FYI-type note on a product page, so in this way you’re helping other rodmakers.  For more details, please see the “shop” note at the bottom of this page….we’re a tiny niche manufacturer and our efforts are spent primarily in the shop.  Thanks for understanding!

Fax: We no longer offer fax communications.  Sorry, but the fax orders had dwindled to the point where it isn’t worth paying for that line now that we’ve moved our office.

Mail: GWT, Inc./P.O. Box 159/Hopeland, PA 17533.  Yes, this is still the P.O. box to use until we have secured a P.O. Box in Columbia, PA.  The Hopeland P.O. Box will remain open for at least one year to catch/forward mail to our new location.

Shop: Sorry, there is no retail shop at the present time. Guys & Gals – all our current and potential clients – please know how much you are appreciated. Without YOU, we couldn’t earn our living making obscure parts for fishing rods, so our appreciation is both broad and deep. However, “the shop” is one of those things that requires a gentle bit of bluntness which we hope you’ll understand and come to appreciate. The fact that there is no retail shop means that you can’t come here, not to visit, not just to ‘quick pick up some parts.’ Golden Witch is minimally staffed – it’s a lean, craft-oriented, operation and it works as a business because the work is focused. We know what we can manage, and what we cannot manage.  As GW has gained a bit of notoriety, the requests for shop visits have risen dramatically. Folks who are local want to save on shipping. Folks who are not local are willing to drive, even fly, long distances just to visit. The only way to stay lean and profitable in this sort of a ridiculously small niche, while trying to work remotely reasonable hours, is to stay focused on what we’re good at. That’s making nice parts. All this is to say that we’re politely requesting that you not ask us to make an exception for you. You are one rodmaker among hundreds who’d like us to make that exception.  The answer will always and unconditionally be, “sorry, and thanks for your interest, but no.” If you understand our position and continue to do business with us, rather than perceiving a shop closed to visitors as some sort of affront to your good nature, then we’ll continue to grow and prosper. We do need your business and we’d love to earn that business by supplying good parts and offering good, e-commerce style, customer service. If Golden Witch continues to succeed, we’ll be here when you need an obscure guide or a fancy rod tube kit. This does mean we’ll have to mail the items to you – even if you live in our hometown or plan to pass through while traveling.  We are an e-commerce, mail-order firm.  Thanks for understanding.