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The Ramblings, or Rambles, as I tend to call them, are just that: someone, usually me (Russ) droning on about this or that aspect of rodmaking. They may be short, sweet, and to the point, but they tend to be long-winded, peripatetic, amalgamations of practical insight tinged with snark, goading you, the rodmaker, to an appreciation of detail in your own work and the work of others. A given ramble might include bits of emails we’ve sent to individual rodmakers, snippets torn from old instruction sheets, quotes from the Oxford English Dictionary, strange tales, errant memories, soapbox stances, dead ends, and places from which you can begin anew. Good luck navigating it all. There is no editor.

“Hello Russ, I’ve been reading some of your ramblings on the website. I am so glad I found you – you write so well, they are very engaging and I am learning all sorts I didn’t understand before. Thanks very much” – Nick E. (United Kingdom)

The Golden Witch Video Series

Written by : Posted on December 3, 2015 : Comments Off on The Golden Witch Video Series

finishing bamboo rods

The GW Video Series has one prime goal: Education.
These videos will teach you how to make better rods. Playing on the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the text it would take to fully describe each frame of film in a thirty second video clip. Now extrapolate this to videos of eighty seven or ninety minutes in length. The volume of information you’ll garner from these videos is immense.

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