California Proposition 65

CA Proposition 65The State of California requires clear and reasonable warnings on products and/or storage containers containing chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Even if these products contain only trace levels of harmful chemicals, a warning is required by the State of California. Read more about it.

Pursuant to California Proposition 65, caution is recommended when using various products on this website.  This includes new and vintage guides, ferrules, ferrule plugs, hook tenders, butt plates, depth gauge bases, brass pin punches, etc.  Consider it a blanket warning, site-wide.  Be very careful.  You’re not a chipmunk; don’t store small parts in your jowls.  Please Wash Your Hands Thoroughly After Using Our Products!

If, as some rodmakers and restorationists are apt to do, you like to handle guides, studying them in the sunlight, measuring them to see if they fit a particular project, storing and saving them for future use, please wear white cotton gloves, especially in the State of California.  This will help to prevent tarnish on the guides.  And it will keep you marginally safer.  Praise be to the State for watching over you protectively!