Boo-ving Sale

Get our lowest prices ever on A- & A bamboo; modest discounts on A+ culms. Prices are extra sweet if you arrange to pick up 10+ culms at our current warehouse.  During this busy time for us, the minimum order needed to schedule a visit for bamboo pick-up is ten culms.  Thanks for your understanding.

Yes, we’re gearing up to move the bamboo.  Somehow this became a Boo-ving Sale rather than a moving boo sale.  We trust that our temporary price reductions will move you to move some boo into your own shop!

Long story short, my wife, a school administrator when she’s not tending to family, running in 26.2 mile circles, or swimming with the fishes, took a job with a school district on the far side of Lancaster County.  For two years, as she’s been testing those waters, she’s been driving 45-55 minutes each way, most days of the year.  In bad winter weather her commute has reached past two hours one way.  That just had to end, and she really likes the folks in her upper administration – it’s a school district moving in the right direction.  Since I have a very short commute most days (the GW shop has been on our property; the Peak Bamboo warehouses are both less than 15 minutes from the house), it was time to help my wife reduce her commute, so we started house hunting.

We very nearly bought an old Victorian farmstead with a barn  and a carriage house – space for family and firms.  Sadly, the more we investigated that property, the more very expensive flaws popped up and the failing septic system was the straw that broke that camel’s back and left if floundering in the mire.  Since then we’ve found another old Victorian house near the Susquehanna River in Columbia, PA.  Lovely house.  No shop.  This benefits you, the buyer of bamboo.  Our Boo-ving sale, which is now in play, will last until we secure warehouse space near our new home and get the stuff moved over yonder.

The Boo-ving sale ends when the last culm has been moved to the new warehouse we don’t yet have…weeks, months…who knows.  Get the material you need now while the prices are low.

Thanks for your support!