Upcoming Shop Closures & Order Notes – Please Read Carefully

New Note As Of 3/24/20. PLEASE READ OUR COVID-19 NOTE Our next tentative closure is projected to run April 17th – April 27th.  I will NOT be working in the background of this closure so please anticipate delayed shipments of custom products.  PLEASE order early and please be patient.  We’ll be closed again in late June for a family vacation, but those dates aren’t firmed up yet.  Please keep tabs on this text block as there may be other closures to accommodate two writing projects I’ve gotten involved with.

Departures.  Two particular items of note here.  First, you all know Pearsall’s silk supplies are dwindling rapidly.  When the price of our regular inventory hits $12.95/spool, that means we have 48 or fewer spools.  That’s our max price for GW’s original inventory.  We did buy out one retiring rodmaker, so we have a very limited number of spools at higher prices.  Sorry fellows, but we’re not planning to buy out any additional silk stashes.  When this stuff sells down, it’s gone.  Also soon to be gone is the wonderful bamboo torch we sell.  Please read all about that on the torch page. Get one while you can.

Missing Emails.  If you think we’ve ignored an email that you sent, please check your spam or junk file because we diligently respond to all customer emails (many emails have gone astray recently). Thanks! Head’s up…Yes, we’ve moved our offices and small parts inventory. For the time being, our basic contact info has NOT changed…same P.O. Box for ferrule replacements & silk matching.   Keep tabs on the contact page and we’ll update info as needed. We’ve posted Moving Sale prices on the Peak Bamboo inventory – stock up, have fun! We have not yet secured warehouse space for the bamboo in our new location, so the bamboo sale prices will hold until we get the stuff moved, however long that takes.

Custom Parts.  Please order custom products – agate guides, anything that must be blued, that sort of thing – at least four weeks prior to the start of any future shop closure if you want the order shipped with utter certainty before the closure; custom orders with shorter lead times may be completed, and often are, but no promises. Orders with only non-custom items usually ship the business day after you place the order, even in the run-up towards a shop closure; we hustle to get your orders out the door and in your hands. It is worth noting, by way of explanation, that one of the US guide making operations has closed down.  I was busy at the bench before this happened, but now I’m swamped.  This means you must plan ahead if you want guides because I rarely ship in less than two weeks and it often ranges up to three weeks.  The prices will be rising slightly on all custom items as part of my effort to both find a better work/life balance and to stock up on parts for what looks like a busy year ahead.

Combining Orders & Shipping Rates.  Please take the time to read our shipping policy page linked at the bottom of this note.  In brief, we do NOT combine orders.  If you forget to order something, even if you figure this out one minute after you placed an order, please place a separate order and expect to pay shipping on that separate order.  Please don’t complain about shipping prices.  The craftsman making your guides and many other parts is the same fellow spending hours at the packing bench.  If anything, rates on heavy items and small orders are going to go up.  Free shipping is available on orders over $500.00 in small parts and lots of makers take advantage of that; this free shipping deal was a trial program that we’ve kept because it benefits both parties…free shipping for you and reduced paperwork & packing time for Nikki & me.

Freebies.  As many of you have noticed, we’ve switched up our freebies over the past couple months and now we’re sending out scads of vintage parts, mostly all-metal tips and guides.  I realized I’ll never sell through the half million or so guides (really, that’s not an exaggeration) taking up room on the GW shelves, so I’m giving many away.  My hope is that when you receive something that’s a little oddball relative to the normal parts you order, you’ll be inspired to create a rod that fits the free components.  Try making a boat rod, a trolling rod, a casting rod, a spinning rod, a coarse rod, or a light flyrod that can benefit from teeny prong tiptops.  Please don’t throw the vintage parts away – they have real, practical, value in our world of angling craftsmen and women.  Trade them.  Gift them.  Help them find a home on custom crafted tackle.  Giving away thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory may seem like an odd way to stay in business, but I’m gambling on the fact that when you put these parts to good use, you’ll need ferrules, silks, cork, and more.  We’re going to give away parts until they are gone, which will take years.  Sorry – no requests on freebies.  If I have to dig for particular items, they’re billed at retail.

Closure Math.  I tend to work non-stop when the shop is open, so I sincerely appreciate your understanding during those times when I shut down to spend time with family, especially now that the boys are out of the house and, frequently, far from home. You may notice a trend here, a new work rhythm that I’m experimenting with so I don’t burn out. Rather than pretending to take weekends off, which rarely happens, I bundle my down time and skip town so I can’t work. Despite appearances, this means the shop is only sealed up about 86 days per year vs. 124+ days per year if I actually didn’t work on weekends and took four weeks of vacation, plus Federal holidays, to match my wife’s vacation time. I offer the math because a few folks have noted that “it seems like GW is always on vacation.” Generally speaking, the shop will be open for 5-7 weeks, then closed for a week with a ramp-down Friday and ramp-up Monday on both ends of the closed week although that sort of neatly planned closure doesn’t always pan out. We’re closed on most major U.S. holidays: New Years, Ground Hog’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, & Christmas. Everyone involved here – Matt, Nikki, Drake, & I - appreciates your business and your patience with custom orders. Golden Witch & Peak Bamboo couldn’t do what we do without you.

Please see our Shipping Rates, Terms & Conditions Page for general shipping Q&A.

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New Note 4/7/20. Hi Folks…please be sure you read the notes below this one as I won’t be repeating previous, but still important, info. Our county, Lancaster, is now under something like a ‘shelter in place’ lock down. Thankfully, the US Postal Service and UPS are both operating, so nothing has changed for the business. We’re still making and shipping product, and shipping bamboo from our warehouses. We are extremely grateful to all the rodmakers who are sending orders through the shop, keeping the company, and thus a few individuals, above water. Still, sales are down from normal – as anyone would expect in the time of corona – and that fact has brought on an enhanced bamboo sale. Here’s the sale details:

“12 for 10” – Starting 4/7/20 ONLY on the A Grade 10 Pack, and ONLY if you order the culms cut in half, not thirds, you are welcome to request “12 for 10” in the comments section and we’ll ship you twelve sticks when you purchase a ten pack.  If you don’t request the spare culms, please don’t expect us to ship them because we’ll assume you didn’t want them.  We can’t offer this deal if you order thirds because the spare culms are too bulky for the boxes.  Yes, you’ll pay a smidgen more for UPS Ground shipping if you choose 12 for 10, but not much since the box size isn’t changing, only the weight on a package that is already ‘oversize’ by UPS standards.  Why are we doing this?  Because we have literally tons of A grade bamboo still in the warehouses and this virus lock-down is hurting sales.  We need to create a win-win scenario for our clients and ourselves in order to drive enough bamboo out the door to keep paying the leases on two warehouses.  Your order of a ten pack of A Grade bamboo will actively help Golden Witch & Peak Bamboo to keep our corporate head above water in the time of Corona.  Don’t forget, when you order ANY ten pack of bamboo, you get a better coupon set in your Peak Bamboo “Thank You” pack, including one for 25% off a bag of cork.  We make it easy to recoup the shipping costs on your bamboo when you use the coupons we send.  Yet another win-win situation.  This extra “12 for 10” sweetener for the bamboo sale will be in place only until the lock down lifts across the country and our sales bounce back to something approaching normal.  Domestic, Continental U.S. sales only for the 12 for 10 offer.

New Note 3/24/20. First and foremost, please take care of yourself and your family. As anyone with first-responder or wilderness adventure training knows, the most important thing in an emergency is to keep yourself safe. This is not selfishness, it’s practical. If you are not physically able to help yourself, you are also unable to help your family members, your neighbors, and your friends. If you are in part the country (or the world) not yet suffering from lock downs, please take the time and spend the money to build yourself and your family a buffer. If you don’t have it already, you should immediately buy several weeks worth of supplies for normal living – advance spending on stuff you’ll use up, not wasted spending on a lifetime supply of toilet paper. I’d also suggest buying seeds, seed potatoes, and whatever else you need to get a garden started. We planted seeds and put them under lights yesterday. Here in Pennsylvania we are under a partial or total lock down, depending on county, and the grocery stores are more or less depleted, depending on which store you visit and what product you think you need. Steph & I can tell you that we have seen ZERO evidence of this virus in our corner of PA…news stories, yes, but no-one we know has been afflicted…yet we are seeing the effect of the virus on society and these effects are very real. Even if you’re in the ‘it’s just a flu’ mindset, please make an effort to prepare for bare shelves at the grocery. After you and your family have food security, then, yes, we’d love to earn some of your business, but your family must come first.

After some hesitation because of the potential penalties, we are back open for business under the provision of the Pennsylvania order that allows the continued operation of e-commerce businesses even during the shut down of all non-essential businesses. Though there is some dispute, we may also be allowed to operate under the provision that considers “Fishing” businesses to be open because they are essential; food is certainly essential and you can catch a fish with fishing tackle…we think fishing is also essential because it gets folks outdoors in the fresh air and sun, and yet it is a largely solitary endeavor…what better way to engage in social distancing while exercising (wading can be serious exercise) and while providing food for yourself and your loved ones (yes, even die hard catch & release fishermen may want to bring the stringer along in the time of Corona). Anyway, we’re open for the time being. Please pay for your orders using PayPal so we can make prompt refunds if we’re out of stock on an item (more details in the 3/19/20 note below this). Please understand that some of our supply partners are facing difficulties sourcing or manufacturing their products. As I type this, silks from Asia and metal guides from Asia (snakes, some all-metal strippers) are in short supply and cannot be restocked at all in certain cases. To give one specific example, as of today Pacific Bay has had their operation entirely closed down by Washington State government, so they are not shipping orders even if they have inventory. Suffice to say, this is a challenging time. On the positive side, we have substantial in-house inventory and may be able to supply your needs.

If you order, please understand that between the time you place your order and the time we ship your order, the rules in Pennsylvania may change. Six counties, thankfully not Lancaster County where we are located, have come under “shelter in place” rules. If that happens here, we’ll keep making parts to fill orders, but we may be unable to ship (even this is iffy, because if the Feds keep the Post Office open, we may be allowed to call for pick up). Really, we’re just taking one day at a time and hoping we can remain a viable business until this plague lifts. Your support, patience, and understanding is vastly appreciated! -Russ

New Note 3/19/20. We’ll update any time we have more info to pass along.

Hello Golden Witch & Peak Bamboo clients.  At this point, everyone knows: The Corona Virus is up-ending all our lives.  My adult sons have both lost their jobs, but still have some pick-up work as bamboo orders roll in.  Thank you bamboo buyers! My high school girls are out of school, officially for two weeks.  My wife’s job as a public school administrator is contingent on whether or not the state determines that she is an essential worker – and if she isn’t, well that would mean the kids aren’t going back to school any time soon.  Around us, folks in the construction industry are laying off staff because their clients are calling a halt to work.  A friend in the graphics arts business has had clients tell him to stop working on their projects.  Everyone is starting to hunker down.

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Bamboo Bicycle Frame!

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Bamboo Bike Frame

Karl Nielsen (@woodbikenielsen and @kidcalifornia on Instagram) got with us on the construction of his custom bamboo bike frame. Using Peak Bamboo, carbon, various woods and a lot of patience and elbow grease, he put together a real beauty.  We think you’ll agree; check out the specifications and pictures in the PDF to get your juices flowing.  Let us know how we can assist you with materials and know-how for your next bamboo project!

Read the PDF here.

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The GW Bamboo Torch, Reviewed by The Planing Form

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The Planing Form


Product Review:  Golden Witch Bamboo Torch

Kirk Brumels reviews the GW Bamboo Torch.

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GW Ain’t Just for Bamboo

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The Fiberglass Manifesto

Cameron Mortenson, over at The Fiberglass Manifesto, has featured GW in a blog post.  Killer.  Thanks, Cameron!

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Take a Peak at The Planing Form to Read About Bamboo

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The Planing Form

Peak Bamboo is in The Planing Form, Issue #161 October/September 2016.

Read the article in PDF format here.

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Peak Bamboo is in Angling International

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Peak Bamboo is in Angling International

Peak Bamboo is in the October 2016 Angling International magazine.  Read about us on page 26 of the online issue!