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New Note 3/24/20. First and foremost, please take care of yourself and your family. As anyone with first-responder or wilderness adventure training knows, the most important thing in an emergency is to keep yourself safe. This is not selfishness, it’s practical. If you are not physically able to help yourself, you are also unable to help your family members, your neighbors, and your friends. If you are in part the country (or the world) not yet suffering from lock downs, please take the time and spend the money to build yourself and your family a buffer. If you don’t have it already, you should immediately buy several weeks worth of supplies for normal living – advance spending on stuff you’ll use up, not wasted spending on a lifetime supply of toilet paper. I’d also suggest buying seeds, seed potatoes, and whatever else you need to get a garden started. We planted seeds and put them under lights yesterday. Here in Pennsylvania we are under a partial or total lock down, depending on county, and the grocery stores are more or less depleted, depending on which store you visit and what product you think you need. Steph & I can tell you that we have seen ZERO evidence of this virus in our corner of PA…news stories, yes, but no-one we know has been afflicted…yet we are seeing the effect of the virus on society and these effects are very real. Even if you’re in the ‘it’s just a flu’ mindset, please make an effort to prepare for bare shelves at the grocery. After you and your family have food security, then, yes, we’d love to earn some of your business, but your family must come first.

After some hesitation because of the potential penalties, we are back open for business under the provision of the Pennsylvania order that allows the continued operation of e-commerce businesses even during the shut down of all non-essential businesses. Though there is some dispute, we may also be allowed to operate under the provision that considers “Fishing” businesses to be open because they are essential; food is certainly essential and you can catch a fish with fishing tackle…we think fishing is also essential because it gets folks outdoors in the fresh air and sun, and yet it is a largely solitary endeavor…what better way to engage in social distancing while exercising (wading can be serious exercise) and while providing food for yourself and your loved ones (yes, even die hard catch & release fishermen may want to bring the stringer along in the time of Corona). Anyway, we’re open for the time being. Please pay for your orders using PayPal so we can make prompt refunds if we’re out of stock on an item (more details in the 3/19/20 note below this). Please understand that some of our supply partners are facing difficulties sourcing or manufacturing their products. As I type this, silks from Asia and metal guides from Asia (snakes, some all-metal strippers) are in short supply and cannot be restocked at all in certain cases. To give one specific example, as of today Pacific Bay has had their operation entirely closed down by Washington State government, so they are not shipping orders even if they have inventory. Suffice to say, this is a challenging time. On the positive side, we have substantial in-house inventory and may be able to supply your needs.

If you order, please understand that between the time you place your order and the time we ship your order, the rules in Pennsylvania may change. Six counties, thankfully not Lancaster County where we are located, have come under “shelter in place” rules. If that happens here, we’ll keep making parts to fill orders, but we may be unable to ship (even this is iffy, because if the Feds keep the Post Office open, we may be allowed to call for pick up). Really, we’re just taking one day at a time and hoping we can remain a viable business until this plague lifts. Your support, patience, and understanding is vastly appreciated! -Russ

New Note 3/19/20. We’ll update any time we have more info to pass along.

Hello Golden Witch & Peak Bamboo clients.  At this point, everyone knows: The Corona Virus is up-ending all our lives.  My adult sons have both lost their jobs, but still have some pick-up work as bamboo orders roll in.  Thank you bamboo buyers! My high school girls are out of school, officially for two weeks.  My wife’s job as a public school administrator is contingent on whether or not the state determines that she is an essential worker – and if she isn’t, well that would mean the kids aren’t going back to school any time soon.  Around us, folks in the construction industry are laying off staff because their clients are calling a halt to work.  A friend in the graphics arts business has had clients tell him to stop working on their projects.  Everyone is starting to hunker down.These are uncertain times.  Due to Pennsylvania’s semi-lockdown (non-essential retail businesses and everyone in the food & beverage industry who can’t provide take-out or delivery options has been asked to close up for the moment), we are no longer hosting visits at the Peak Bamboo millhouse.  We are, however, still cutting and packing Peak Bamboo and we’ll ship bamboo as long as UPS will accept our boxes for delivery.  On the GW end, we’re still making guides and shipping product every day. We’re running two to three weeks out on orders with custom products; most orders with no custom items are shipping in about two business days.

Here at GW & Peak, I’m hunting for silver linings in the clouds.  For one thing, we’re mostly e-commerce, so we can continue to sell product.  For another, more and more of our clients are spending time at home and for many of you that means more time at the bench.  I heard from one part time rodmaker that he’s fortunate to have orders on his bench because the hours  at his day job were reduced.  Maybe more folks staying home from work will lead to a spike in fishing hours and more anglers will find themselves in need of a fine fishing rod to help them while away their quarantine days.  Surely it’s healthier to spend these days on the water than cooped up in a building.  If all of you can find enough reasons to keep making rods, for pleasure or for sale, we’ll do our very best to stay open so we can supply you with raw material and parts.  As I’ve told a few folks this week: so long as our income exceeds our expenses, we’ll stay open.  Of course the flip side to that is if sales tumble too far (yes, they are tumbling), then GW will enter a – hopefully brief– closure.  We can weather a storm, but it may be prudent to turn off the website and focus on the garden if things are too slow.  If we close down temporarily, we will still get all the standing orders out the door before we turn off the lights – this won’t be like vacation where we work up to a certain date then leave for a week.  We’ll get the parts made and shipped.

Please, please use PayPal to pay for your orders during this odd time.  We’re just starting to see supply chain disruptions and we can only issue prompt refunds on out of stock products (mostly silk at the moment) if you pay with PayPal.  If you pay by credit card, the card data is immediately wiped when the transaction clears…great for financial security, but a royal PITA when it comes to issuing refunds.

Please be patient and kind if the government shuts down delivery services like the U.S. Postal Service or UPS.  We will ship orders as rapidly as humanly possible and if there is an interruption, we’ll alert you and we’ll pick up where we left off as soon as services resume.  If you are ordering a mix of custom and non-custom items, you might consider placing separate orders so that the non-custom items can ship promptly, with the custom stuff following as soon as we’re able to get it crafted.

If you have questions, never hesitate to email before you order.   Thanks so much for your business!  From all of us at GW & Peak, please stay safe and healthy.  Enjoy any quarantine down time with your family.  Go fishing.  Find silver linings.



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