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Product Review:  Golden Witch Bamboo Torch

Kirk Brumels reviews the GW Bamboo Torch.

A while back, I was talking to Russ Gooding, owner of Golden Witch and friend of The Planing Form. As many of you know, Russ’s personal and professional goals in life are to help bamboo rod-makers create products that they can be proud of. As a rod-maker himself, Russ knows what is needed in our craft and looks for ways to deliver those products to market. Our conversation covered several topics but came around to heat treating and flaming of bamboo during rod construction. Russ mentioned that he and Golden Witch were bringing back a torch that could be used to do both. My interest was piqued. I like a flamed rod and I was having trouble with a reproducible “hot spot” from my home-made mica strip oven, so I could see uses for this torch in my shop.

A week or so later, my torch arrived and I was impressed. You know how you can just tell    when something is well made? Well, this fit the bill. In addition to looking really cool, the     design of the torch was extremely functional and easy to hold. I knew that my rod-making just got better and easier in one product. And that was before I even used it.

After purchasing a separate propane tank so that I would not have to keep un-hooking my other one from my grill, I set to work flaming a section of bamboo. Well, six culms later I decided that I should probably stop. It was so easy…and fun! In addition to the cool sound that the torch makes, the ability to flame large sections of cane at one time added to my enjoyment. The wide flame helped with creating an even and uniform color throughout the entire culm. The broad and hot flame helped eliminate the dark nickel sized spots that I had been getting with my smaller torch set-up. Once I got used to the torch (one-culm) and the rhythm of the process, I found it  produced much better results than I had achieved before. A true game-changer.


Kirk Brumels

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