Bamboo Blank Adhesives

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Bamboo Blank Adhesive Options – A Particularly Brief Ramble

Regarding adhesives: we don’t sell any adhesives for gluing up bamboo blanks.  A long while back we sold blank adhesives, but we learned the hard way that any delamination could wind up costing the company a good client, despite blank adhesives being a product we had no control over after they left the shop, i.e., storage conditions, usage past expiration, application technique, cure temps, etc.  Blank adhesives were a low dollar, low margin product with very expensive ramifications.  Guys can handle cutting off a few wraps that went sour, re-wrapping & re-varnishing; but when a blank delams, sane fellows blow their gourd.  Not being copraphages, we don’t need that sort of mess on our plates.  We offer no usage advice except this: follow the instructions of the adhesive manufacturer because they have a vested interest in your success and their usage advice is tested over both time and a myriad of applications.  This said, we don’t mind sharing current sources. Here are two highly recommended products that you can easily find:


1) Aerodux Resorcinol Adhesive. Here’s one source: . Pretty sure this one is also available on Amazon.  Bear in mind that while resorcinol is probably the very best of the traditional rodmaking adhesives, it does leave a dark glue line.  This is what we like to call an “artifact of process”….just like bright crescent toes on dark snake guide feet show proof that you worked those feet to perfection prior to wrapping, the deep red/brown glue lines left by resorcinol show you chose the strongest, most durable traditional adhesive and, if your planing is darn near perfect, the slim, even, glue lines actually highlight your skill with a handplane.

2) Urea Resin Adhesive. Here’s one source: .  This Unibond is one of the latest versions of the traditional urea formaldehyde adhesives which leave a tan/blond glue line – essentially invisible if your planing is good.


Also, while we have no personal experience with using this adhesive for rods (just bows), we’ve heard that some makers are experimenting successfully with the Smooth-On laminating epoxies formulated for making custom bows. Here’s a link: .


Once you have your blank glued up and you’re ready to mount components ranging from ferrules, to grips, to seats, we use, sell, and strongly recommend U-40 Rod Bond.


That’s it for now.  Good luck & have fun!!


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