We’re on Instagram!

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We're on Instagram

We’ll be posting pictures of cool rods and applications of our stuff and new components, and… who knows?

Folks, this is Russ typing, and I want you to know, if you don’t already, I’ve been called a Luddite.  There’s not always a watch on my arm and I neither own nor carry a cell phone. I can type, that’s about it; I’m old enough that I learned how to type, and typed some college papers, on my grandfather’s crusty Underwood, with black ribbons and correction paper.  Most definitely, I’m not the guy behind the GW Instagram account, so I’d like to introduce you, briefly, to the wizard behind the curtain.  His name is Drake.  He’s my second born son.   His soul somehow became detached from his body and lodged itself in a small device he carries everywhere with him, that’s how indispensable his little electronic companion is to his waking hours.  Drake is going to be taking some of the photos for Instagram, and he’ll be writing more and more of the text.  Since I don’t “get” Instagram on anything, and he lives with his device, he’s the guy saying “Thanks!” when each of you does some kind insta-thing.  When we get our staff page up, you’ll get more of a Drake bio.  He’s becoming a craftsman, and does a fair bit handiwork in the shop, mostly helping me to prep guide frames.  He’s also involved in the college-level, Project Lead The Way, engineering program offered through his high school.  Drake did all the CAD drawings for our Hexagate guides (now you understand why they’re getting multiple posts on Instagram!), and he keeps one of the first prototypes in his bedroom.  In the next year or so, he’ll be showing that to college admissions officers as part of his “pick me! pick me!” sales pitch.  Drake tells me he’s going to become an automotive engineer, and if I’m lucky he’ll design fishing tackle components on the side.  He enjoys deep sea fishing & lake fishing with my father; if I can find it for the staff page, there’s a picture floating around of a super young Drake holding a carp he caught that’s nearly as big as he is.  In his free time Drake practices martial arts, rides a unicycle, and has toyed with the notion of breathing fire, which ties in nicely with the origins of his name.

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