Rod Finishing Tips

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clarityFinishes are the key to a good-looking and long-lasting rod if you use the proper techniques.

Experiment! You’ve got to experiment to see which finishes will suit your temperament as a rodmaker as well as the peculiarities of your environment: temperature, humidity & the like.
All of these affect results!

The essence of clarity starts with fine diameter silk. Pearsall’s Gossamer is best, but others work well. Next, apply oil based finishes. The slower the finish cures, the more likely you are to retain the translucent/transparent effect with a minimal bubbles. Two very, very thin coats of Alchemist Amber varnish, followed by a coat of Sutherland Welles Ltd.® spar varnish allow you to see the guide foot and glue line through the red wrap (size A). The same pair of finishes used with Pearsall’s Gossamer silk in white allow you to see even the grain of the cane through the wrap with very little visual distortion.
Some previously finished blank sections may display more micro-bubbles.


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