Regarding Burnishing

Written by : Posted on December 22, 2015 : Comments Off on Regarding Burnishing

We devote so much space to variants on this single tool because it is the one tool that makes the difference between professional and amateur thread workmanship. Many talented amateurs wrap as well as the fellows who do this for a living, but then they put finish on the wraps before taking the time to burnish each wrap (and each flat of each wrap on cane rods). Different burnishers work better for different rodmakers, but no rodmaker should be without one or two that feel good in the hand, are highly polished so that they don’t tear the thread, and are kept clean so they don’t mar the thread with oils, old finish, &c. This is one more example of the unavoidable fact that good tools used properly can make a real & perceptible difference in the quality of the rods to which you sign your name.


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