The Golden Witch Video Series

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finishing bamboo rods

The GW Video Series has one prime goal: Education.
These videos will teach you how to make better rods. Playing on the notion that a picture is worth a thousand words, consider the text it would take to fully describe each frame of film in a thirty second video clip. Now extrapolate this to videos of eighty seven or ninety minutes in length. The volume of information you’ll garner from these videos is immense.

Each video has an overarching audio track that alternates between voice-over narrative and live audio, but the real education comes from watching as tools, techniques, and components are brought together in active craftsmanship. Watch as a node is sanded, as a ferrule is blued, and as six hand-planed strips are glued into a hexagonal blank. Watch as a strip of cane emerges from a roughing beveler as an equilateral triangle in cross-section. Watch it over and over, and each time you’ll learn more. Using multiple cameras on take after take, you’ll see critical steps from numerous angles.

Making bamboo blanks

We engaged a dynamic videography team with 13 years experience producing educational videos to manage the filming, lighting, and sound, plus the art, craft, and tedium of the cutting room. Each minute of final video was culled from 5-15 minutes of raw footage and laboriously edited. Each hour of raw footage represents a day of shooting and re-shooting to get each shot “just so.” Each day of shooting represents several days of shot preparation & time spent outlining the narrative. In short, we’ve made the effort to ensure that these videos are professional in all regards. The expense of purchasing each video will be quickly repaid by the time and effort you save in your own rodmaking shop when you apply the tips and techniques we teach.


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