Upcoming Shop Closures & Order Notes – Please Read Carefully

New Note as of July 13.

Please read the new note in its entirety by clicking this link, or expect to suffer the consequences of your self-imposed refusal to know what you might have known.  I take the time to write this stuff primarily for the benefit of my clients, secondarily for the benefit of my staff and myself.

If you go read the new note you'll learn critical information about:

GW Is Transitioning - Nothing Funny, Just A Shift From Full-Time Through Mid-December of '22 ... - Revise that: GW ends in late 2022 & restarts in 2024 from a far away location, which does have FedEx and DHL shipping services to the US, the EU, and elsewhere.

Final Inventory - We Are Running Final Inventory Sales On Products That Won't Survive The Transition - Nothing will survive.  Get stuff now.  We'll make more stuff later.

Differential Lag Times - Fast For Most Non-Custom Orders & Not So Fast For Custom Orders - Be Patient & Kind - PATIENT & KIND - Thanks!!!

Updated Shop Rules - We Have Them; You Need To Understand Them Because We Do Not Make Exceptions - The rules are stricter than ever as we ramp down.

Departures & Arrivals - Stuff That Is Disappearing & Stuff You Need That's Back In Stock - OK, it's all disappearing now.  Carpe Diem!

Missing Emails - How To Find Them; How To Work Around Server Problems - If you think we're ignoring your email, we're not.  Please try again!  Until the shop closes.

Custom Parts & Special Orders - There Are Ways To Get Even More Interdasting Components. - Well, in 2024, after we move. Custom stuff is ending for now.

Freebies - The Question Is: How Many Thousand Vintage Guides Can We Give Away? - Lots!  Our freebie bags are becoming increasingly generous.

The Great Opportunity - Golden Witch Is For Sale; Serious Inquiries Only.   - OK, nix that.  GW is no longer for sale because I don't have time to train new owners.

Thanks so much for your support, for skimming this overview, and for taking the time to read the whole darn thing HERE.

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Rambling Along the Silk Road

Written by : Posted on May 20, 2021 : No Comments
by Andrew Laird Turner

The fly on which I caught my first trout was surely a simple, wingless wet fly – a gray hackle peacock perhaps.  My father often chose simple wet flies for our early outings. They’re the perfect choice for beginners.  Fish will take them dead drifted, swung and stripped.

As a kid, I never thought about how flies were tied even though fly tying material was always strewn about my father’s fly tying room.  He tied coho and trout flies for local sporting goods shops. But his desk, with the wooden spools of thread and floss amidst the feathers and hair, was off limits.  Much later, I came to understand his tying reflected the post-WWII consensus that modern materials were better.  So the threads and flosses I had seen were nylon and rayon….

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Quad Guides

Written by : Posted on April 28, 2020 : No Comments

I’ve been sitting on a half-conceived ramble about making quadrate guides for a long while. Simmering. Cooling Off. Cogitating.

Please take this ramble as I intended my original emails within this post to be taken. Take the words as helpful, as informative, as well-intentioned, and as an honest summation of why it is completely impractical for Golden Witch as a company, or for me as an individual craftsman, to offer quad guides. If you’re patient, if you read to the bottom of my longest email located near the end of this post, you might learn something worthwhile about tackling craft-oriented problems. Or not.

Here is Matt’s imaginative rendition of the elusive quad guide.

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The Latest News

The GW Bamboo Torch, Reviewed by The Planing Form

Written by : Posted on November 7, 2018 : No Comments

The Planing Form


Product Review:  Golden Witch Bamboo Torch

Kirk Brumels reviews the GW Bamboo Torch.

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GW Ain’t Just for Bamboo

Written by : Posted on February 9, 2017 : No Comments

The Fiberglass Manifesto

Cameron Mortenson, over at The Fiberglass Manifesto, has featured GW in a blog post.  Killer.  Thanks, Cameron!

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Take a Peak at The Planing Form to Read About Bamboo

Written by : Posted on October 27, 2016 : No Comments

The Planing Form

Peak Bamboo is in The Planing Form, Issue #161 October/September 2016.

Read the article in PDF format here.

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Peak Bamboo is in Angling International

Written by : Posted on October 5, 2016 : No Comments

Peak Bamboo is in Angling International

Peak Bamboo is in the October 2016 Angling International magazine.  Read about us on page 26 of the online issue!