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New Fly Fishing DVD:
"The Graphite Fly Rod, How to Build a Modern Classic"

New Fly Fishing DVD:
Tightlines Productions has just released a new DVD set on building graphite rods that is one of the more interesting instructional videos of the year. In it, Russ Gooding, a recognized master of classic bamboo rod building, takes his cane rod aesthetic and applies it to the modern graphite blank. If you are looking for a way to spend a few very enjoyable hours over the holidays, or just want a little rod-building inspiration, "The Graphite Fly Rod" is a great choice.


"You and your company are a treasure and more than a pleasure to work with"
- Dennis Aebersold

About Golden Witch

Golden Witch Technologies, Inc. was conceived while I was undergoing my bamboo rodmaking apprenticeship with Daryll Whitehead in Seattle.  The difficulty of finding top notch tools and components was readily apparent, so I decided to found a company oriented toward the needs of custom rodmakers and the anglers who appreciate custom tackle.  What started before meeting Daryll as a custom graphite rod company, Golden Witch Rods, has merged with my passion for bamboo rodmaking.  Once a sole proprietorship, Golden Witch incorporated in 1998 and has been growing to suit the changing needs of our clients ever since.  The finest rodmakers and restorationists choose Golden Witch components for all manner of rods – graphite, bamboo, & fiberglass – and all manner of fishing, from ultralight graphite spinning tackle to top shelf, collectible bamboo fly rods.  Whether you need something vintage, like an obscure agatine tiptop, or something classic in appearance but modern in function, like GW’s internally tapered slide band reel seats, Golden Witch has the components you need.

custom fishing rods by Golden WitchThe demand for custom rods, especially custom bamboo rods which appreciate in value as the years pass, originally allowed me to continue making rods even as Golden Witch served the needs of other rodmakers around the world.  Quite simply, there was, and still is, a greater demand for custom tackle than there are craftsman who can sate that demand.  As a practicing rodmaker, I am intimately aware of the needs that rodmakers have - needs for better components and for better service.  As of 2014, I no longer make custom rods for sale.  With thousands of clients, many of them world class rodmakers, it was time for me to choose between fishing or cutting bait, so to speak.  I’ve chosen to cut bait; here I mean the phrase in its original incarnation, that of choosing either to angle or to conduct the preparatory maintenance necessary for angling.  I enjoy making parts that rodmakers take pleasure in using, and in offering advice to budding rodmakers.  Everybody who is fortunate in having a job they are passionate about needs to nurture their particular passion in order to thrive during the work day.  My passions have shifted over the years and now I’m finding more pleasure in designing components, making guides, and creating jewelry grade reel seat hardware, than designing and making rods.  This said, I still make rods for my own use, for family, and for the occasional donation.  This keeps my hands dirty at the rodmaking end of things, but allows me to focus my time on component innovation and production.  Your needs drive the innovation at Golden Witch.  Working with my team of associated rodmakers, anglers, historians, artists, and engineers, I am constantly creating new products and re-inventing old standards.  I re-invest a portion of profits in R&D, thus when you become a client, you actively help me to create new products that will serve your needs.  You also help me to keep a host of craftsmen and craftswomen employed.  Most of the Golden Witch tools and components are made in shops that employ fewer than eight craftspeople and three employ just a single person.  These are folks dedicated to their trades and working with them is a real pleasure.  These craftspeople help me to expand my definition of what is possible and part of what they make possible is Golden Witch.  The vast majority of our products are crafted here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, but no matter where they’re made, the pride of craftsmanship shows in the products Golden Witch purveys.


Please explore the Golden Witch website and read the catalogs (a new round of PDF catalogs is actively in the works!) when they become available. I want to earn your business. Let me know how I can work together with you to achieve that goal.